To help you share the Peace First Challenge, here are some messaging you can use:


Accept the @PeaceFirstOrg #Challenge and start your peacemaking journey today #YourTimeIsNow

Want to change the world, but not sure where to start – check out the @PeaceFirstOrg #Challenge! #YourTimeIsNow

.@PeaceFirstOrg is #Challenging you to step up and make a difference. You can start here: #YourTimeIsNow

Ready to stand up to the injustices in your community? @Peace First is launching the Peace First #Challenge to help you stand up, take action and inspire others - sign up here:

Sample Email:

Peace First has an incredible opportunity for you to empower the young people in your life with the skills and tools necessary for them to become peacemakers, today.

After 25 years of experience working with young people in the classroom, Peace First knows young people everywhere are ready to be called on to make real change. That is why they are launching the Peace First Challenge, an international campaign that calls for young people around the world to identify an injustice and develop a solution using a peacemaking lens.

Young people, ages 13-24, accepting the Challenge will become the first users of a new digital peacemaking platform, recipients of self-service tools, enter a supportive community, and receive up to $250 to support their peacemaking projects.

Sign up for the Peace First Challenge here.