The core of the Rally will be composed of 10 teams of young people from around the country who successfully completed the Peace First Challenge, an invitation for young people ages 13-24 to identify a critical issue in their community and to create a project to address it. Caring and engaged adults will join these young people to offer coaching and mentorship to accelerate each team’s ideas. Educators, philanthropists, and policy-makers will be on hand to engage, share, and learn.  Storytellers, celebrities, and digital influencers will amplify powerful stories from the room out into the world. The Rally will conclude with each team pitching their vision and plan for youth-led community transformation. The audience will give feedback in real time, and a panel of experts (both young people and adults) will award the winning team with $10,000 to take their project to the next level.

We are looking to recruit volunteer coaches to support teams. Coaches will join teams on Monday, June 19th (the second day of the Accelerator) to help teams refine their project ideas. Accelerator Coaches play three roles during the day: helping their team prepare an initial pitch; providing feedback to draft pitches presented by all teams; and working with their team to build out their idea and project plan. Accelerator Coaches can be generalists in terms of content but are inquisitive and enthusiastic, particularly about helping young people design projects that create social impact.

We are also looking to recruit volunteers to help support the teams of young people in less intensive ways, for example by providing feedback on pitches at specific times.

If you are interested in participating as a coach or supporting the Rally through other volunteer opportunities, please fill out the following form below and we will contact you to follow up.


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