WOC Solidarity

For many of us, understanding the intersectionality of being a woman and person of color is…difficult. For a team in New York, it is their life. It is their experience.

Throughout our lives, we have faced racism by our individual respected societies and gender discrimination. They have worked together to create our experiences and we cannot separate the two from each other. We experience them both simultaneously.
Through dialogue and conversations, we will discuss our various intersections and how despite our differences we can still stand with one another in solidarity when one of our groups is under attack (muslim ban, trans murders, deportation, black lives matter, etc).
— WOC Solidarity


The Femininjas, a team from Massachusetts, are targeting rape culture in America through education.

Rape culture is dismissed immensely in society, so we would like to address the reality of rape culture and how it is provoked, by traveling to different schools, or other institutions, on how deeply embedded sexism is in society. Once we get people to accept sexism is apparent in today’s society, we will discuss more deeply into it; specifically, how to ensure individuals are not contributing to sexism and provoking rape culture.
— Femininjas

Building Community Between Female Students

Noting increased violence between female students, a team in Pennsylvania is looking to empower young women and create more positive peer-to-peer relationships and mentorship.

To Solve the Injustice of violence between young women, we will address female empowerment, by promising to improve relationships and connectivity via mentoring, education, leadership, and peer to peer interactions by creating a network of female students, teachers, and professionals to engage in meaningful trainings and dialogue.


In Texas, a group of college students have started Amplify, a storytelling platform that will address the various injustices women face on a daily basis, from violence, catcalling, poor body-image and more.

We need people to believe the stories of these women and to encourage this or similar projects on our campus and many other campuses in the future.
— Amplify

Little Loves

Team Little Loves are working to end the confidence gap for women before it even begins, with 4th and 5th grade girls.

I have lots of girls over the age of 13 who have self identified as having low self-esteem. To Solve the Injustice of girls in 4th and 5th grade developing the confidence gap, we will address the lack of affirmation, celebration and encouragement they face, by showing them that they are visible, that the have a voice and that they matter by honoring them and eulogizing them!