Have you checked out NBC’s Superstore? If not, you are missing out on not only an incredibly funny show, but an important show.

Just take a look at the cast in that above picture - in there you see people of color, someone in a wheelchair, various generations of people - you see what life looks like. And the show does more than just have a diverse cast, it tells diverse stories of each of those people. It makes sure the viewer understands and appreciates what each person brings to the table, to the store. And it makes it all funny.

Then this week Superstore’s season finale aired and it stepped up it’s game.


The season ends with the employees of the fictional department store, Cloud 9, coming together and walking out on their employer. This comes after an episode of them beingtold they have value and respect by their employer but are never shown it.

This comes after one of the employees, who happens to still be in high school, gives birth in the middle of the store and quickly ask her boss if she could be a little late to her shift the next day…because the store’s policies do not allow for maternity leave. A reality far too many Americans face today.

This comes after the teenage girl’s boss works the store’s policy and finds a way for provide her maternity leave only to be fired by the higher ups at Cloud 9.

After this series of events the employees of the store, whom under most circumstances would probably not give each other a second glance, band together and stage a walk out. Tired of constant indignities and a system that ensures they cannot receive proper benefits, the people of Cloud 9 stood up. They saw, or felt, an injustice and decided they needed to take action, and they knew it needed to be done together, as a group. This was an act of peacemaking.

So check out Superstore. At the very least, go there for the laughs, because chances are you’ll stay for the stories.