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Selection Criteria

Who We're Looking For

The Peace First Prize celebrates peacemakers who have taken action to address injustice in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. Peacemaking demands compassion (understanding other people), courage (taking risks to help others) and collaborative change (engaging others) to create justice, fairness, and peace where it didn't exist before.

We're looking for young people and peacemaking projects that meet the following selection criteria:

Criteria Definitions


What does this look like?



Recognizing Injustice: Noticing when something is wrong or unfair, and being compelled to act

  "I notice something that's not right and I want to fix it."

Empathy: Valuing and seeking to understand others' feelings, experiences, and perspectives

  "I see someone else's suffering and I feel the need to help."

Valuing Others: Connecting with people of different backgrounds or ideas, and believing in the worth and dignity of others

  "I respect and work to understand people who are different from me."



Taking a Stand: Making a personal commitment to take action to make something better

  "I believe that I can, and should, make a difference."

Taking Risks: Taking action for the greater good even in the face of difficult choices or consequences

  "I take action, even if I'm afraid of what else might happen."
Persevering: Overcoming challenges, obstacles or hardships to make a change   "I stick with it even when things get really hard."


Collaborative Change


Engaging and Inspiring Others: Motivating others to partner with you to improve and strengthen your impact

  "I need others to make change possible, and can move them to action."
Making a Lasting Impact: Creating positive, noticeable, and enduring change   "I know my project has made a lasting difference because I can see it and others see it too."


Citizens or legal residents of the United States and Territories who are between the ages of 8 and 22 years old (as of January 1, 2015) are eligible to apply for the Peace First Prize. All projects must have taken place in the United States. Family members of Peace First staff and board members are not eligible.

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