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Peacemaking Resources

Are you a young person who is ready to try out peacemaking or take your peacemaking work to the next level?

Take a look at Peacemaking in Action: A Youth Starter Guide

Try out our Community Mapping Grid to help you discover what you love about your community, and what you would love to change.

Are you an adult who wants to introduce peacemaking to youth?

Peace First believes that young people have a natural capacity for peacemaking, and that peacemaking skills like empathy, conflict resolution, and civic engagement can be taught and learned, just like reading and math.

Visit our Digital Activity Center for hundreds of cooperative games, tips and activities to support you in teaching and sharing peacemaking as well as a full curriculum for pre-k to 5th grade students. All of our resources are available for download free of charge.

Access the Digital Activity Center here.

Do you want to provide young people with powerful examples of youth peacemakers?

Watch our Prize Winners’ videos and use our Prize Winners Video Discussion Guides to start a conversation about peacemaking to inspire more young people to get involved.

Download our Video Guides here.

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