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Mary-Patricia Hector, 16, Lithonia, GA

Mary-Patricia noticed a sad trend in her life - that she was attending more funerals than graduations because her peers were senselessly killed by guns. Moved to action, she began researching the root causes of deaths in her community and possible action she could take to create change.

She soon stumbled upon the popular form of anti-smoking ads that used harsh images, which inspired her to apply this method of shock marketing to combat youth gun violence. She created the Think Twice campaign, an initiative that uses graphic images to capture the attention of her peers to make them realize the devastating impact of gun use.  Mary-Patricia has reached over 10,000 people with her message and plans to continue to spread her work and engage new audiences through PSAs, demonstrations, and other media tools.

Quote: “What moved me to action was seeing the look on a mother's face at funerals. Holding hands of my friend that have lost brothers, cousins or friends. That moved me to action!


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