Peace First empowers young people to create a just and peaceful world by providing digital tools, community support, start-up funding, and stories that celebrate their journeys and impact.

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You don’t have to wait to change the world. The Peace First Challenge is a global call to action for young people to speak up for their values and make change.

Tell us about an issue in your community and your idea to solve it. We’ll help you make it happen! Including a $250 mini-grant, digital tools, mentors, and a caring community of peacemakers.

Our Peacemakers and Projects

Project Spotlight

Project SMILE

While playing with some young students in the hilly region of Terai, in northern India and southern Nepal, Rishav D. noticed that many of these students were suffering from poor dental hygiene. After talking with them, Rishav learned that there just wasn't much awareness about proper oral hygiene or the consequences of oral disease. So Rishav started an oral hygiene health awareness program called "Project SMILE." Read more about Rishav and his project.

Project Spotlight

Menstruate and Educate

Growing up, Sarah B. heard stories of generations of women in Ghana who were forced to sacrifice their education due to lack of affordable basic hygiene products. Years later, after graduating with a masters degree, Sarah returned to Ghana to see girls still having to make those same sacrifices. That's when Sarah decided to do something. She created a project called Menstruate and Educate where Sarah and her team provided kits to young women that include underwear and reusable pads. Not only do these kits address the immediate need for proper hygiene tools, but they also set an important example for sustainability within the sanitary napkin market. Read more about Sarah and her project.