Peace First's UK Challenge

Join other young people in the UK and around the world to put YOUR ideas into action and solve issues in your communities. #PeaceFirstUKChallenge

Young people in the UK have largely been disenfranchised - it is more difficult than ever to find a job, higher-education costs have tripled, there are fewer vocational bursaries, public spaces for young people have been disappearing, the list goes on.

Peace First believes young people have the power to solve these problems – not someday – right now.

Peace First’s UK Challenge is uniting young people from different backgrounds to take action together, using the power of their collective voices to create healthier and fairer communities in which to live, work, and play. The UK Challenge is powered by a coalition with The Key, The Mix, Revolution Hive, Young ScotCouncil for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services, UK YouthYouthAction Northern Ireland,  Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Zing Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, and Big Lottery Fund, and offers a safe space for young people to talk about the issues facing their communities and initiate projects that help solve problems through the Peace First Platform.