Changemaking Opportunity Hub - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Changemaking Opportunity Hub?

The Peace First Changemaking Opportunity Hub creates opportunities for young people around the world to support and join youth-led social change projects in the Peace First community. In a bid to change the narrative of the leader-centric social change model, we are offering young people who would like to contribute to youth-led projects that excites them the opportunity to do so, without necessarily being project leaders. This also creates the opportunity for young people who are currently leading projects to identify other young people to join or support their projects in some way. 


Currently, we are testing out the concept of the Changemaking Opportunity Hub by sharing opportunities for young people to join or support a small number of curated projects. This will help us understand more about the best way to design and support the Hub in the future. We anticipate that there will be around six projects participating during the initial pilot period (June - August 2021). We hope to launch the Hub on a larger scale in 2022


How can I participate?

There are two ways to get involved with the Changemaking Opportunity Hub: 

  • Project leaders: If you are currently leading a project with Peace First, you can apply to participate as a project leader. If selected, we will help you advertise an opportunity for other young people to either join or support your project. You must age 13-25 to qualify.
  • Other young people:  You can find out about opportunities to join or support other youth-led projects on our website. Opportunities may be restricted by region and experience, based on the needs of the project. You must be age 13-25 to participate.


What does it mean to "Join" a project?

Opportunities to join a project are opportunities to take on a specific role in carrying out the project on an ongoing basis.  For example, a project leader may be looking for someone to fill a volunteer role leading fundraising or social media for a project.  Or, a project leader may be looking for a volunteer who wants to expand the project model to a new place. 


What does it mean to "Support" a project?

Opportunities to support a project are opportunities to help out a youth-led project with a specific one-time action. For example, this might include sharing a message on social media or providing feedback. 


How are projects selected for the Changemaking Opportunity Hub?

Project leaders must be 13-25 leading an active project that has received (or been approved for) a mini-grant by Peace First.  For the Pilot period, we are selecting a small number of projects based on the following criteria: 

  • Clarity: Project leader has a clear and specific ask -- they know the need they need to fill and are clear on the competencies they are looking for. 
  • Readiness: The project is at a place in its organizational development where it is ready to bring on this new role or accept the support. The current project leaders have the bandwidth to process an influx of applications and onboard new team members or coordinate the opportunity for others to support the project. 
  • Team leadership skills: The project leader exhibits strong leadership that indicates that they will be able to effectively manage and support volunteers. 
  • Feasibility: The skills or criteria that the project leader is looking for can likely be sourced within Peace First’s community and networks. (If the project is looking for a very niche combination of skills in a specific location, it may be unlikely that we can find a good match within our community. )
  • Diversity: Across all the projects we select for the initial pilot, we aim to find a diverse mix of projects in terms of the type of opportunity, geography, and nature of the project


How can I sign up to share an opportunity for others to join or support my project?

If you are leading a project that was previously approved for a Peace First mini-grant and is still active, you can register your interest in sharing an opportunity on the Changemaking Opportunity Hub Project Leader Interest Form.  Please note: During the initial pilot period, we are only selecting a small number of projects. We are especially looking for project leaders that can offer opportunities for other young people to “support” their project with specific one-off actions. 

If we think your opportunity might be a good fit for the pilot period, we will reach out to you to set up a time to talk more. 

When we are ready to launch the program on a larger scale, we will also reach out to the folks who registered their interest during this period.  


What happens if I am selected as a project leader?

If you are selected, someone from Peace First will work with you to finalize the details of the role/opportunity and your selection criteria.  For opportunities to join your project, Peace First will collaborate with you to create an online application form that we will host on our website.  We will promote the opportunity on social media. You will be responsible for screening the applicants, selecting the best person to fill the role, onboarding and supporting them in their work. 

For opportunities to support your project, we will collaborate with you for the best way to share the opportunity, depending on the relevant logistics. 


How can I find projects to "Join" or "Support"?

You can find out about projects that are currently looking for young people to join or support on our website. The profiles of the projects will share information about the opportunity as well as any criteria, skills, or expertise that are required. Please note that there are a limited number of opportunities during this pilot period so you may not find one that is the right fit for you -- we anticipate a greater number of opportunities to get involved when we launch on a larger scale in 2022.