Choose an Injustice

"First, find your issue that is most personal to you. If it isn’t personal then it isn’t real or authentic. It doesn’t help anyone if you join something just for the sake of joining. Find what is most personal.  Read on it.  Do your research.  Start interacting with people who are adamant about solving whatever is personal to them.  I’m a firm believer not to jump to other people’s causes that you can’t speak to.  Don’t lead someone else’s story or issue." 
- Babatunde

To start, you will need to choose an issue or problem that you care about. It needs to be an injustice – meaning an issue that really hurts or holds back groups of people – not just an inconvenience. And it needs to be an issue where you can and want to make a difference. These are some of the tools we have developed and tested to help you navigate through this stage:

C1 - Personal Development: Where are you on your peacemaking journey?

C2 - Team Effectiveness: How will you collaborate with others?

C3 - Positives and Negatives: What problems must you overcome and what advantages do you already have?

C4 - Injustice versus Inconvenience: Are you identifying an injustice or an inconvenience?

C5 - Choosing an Injustice: What injustice will you address?

Deep dive resources

These resources will help you dive deeper into this stage of your journey: