Gender as the Next Frontier

There is always a point of contention between the older and younger generations. We live in the same world and yet, sometimes it feels as if we are living in completely different realities. There have always been issues that divide us along generational lines, and the issue of abolishing gender as a binary seems to be one of the big ones.

Recently, this issue has made national news as the commonly referenced "Bathroom Bill" has been reintroduced by state governments across the country. This has opposed the Obama administration's prior guidance that encouraged public schools to support transgender students using the restroom of their preference. 

Track how your state legislature has voted on the Bathroom Bill. 

If the state that you live in is one of those pushing the bill along, check out this article for some tips on how to get involved and be and agent of change!

Do you feel impassioned about Trans rights? Check out these LGBTQ projects!

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