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About Diversity Dialogue

Diversity Dialogue is a collection of workshops designed to help create a better, safer and healthier environment by and for our future generations. It encapsulates an urgent need for the development and growth of humans as individuals and as a society. The three steps to achieve this are understanding conflict, countering hate speech and lastly, understanding peace. 


Aim of the project 

Recognizing the rapid rise in intolerance in most parts of the world, it is imperative to teach young children about the need for diversity and inclusivity. Diversity Dialogue aims to actively engage students by educating them about hate speech, conflict and peace. 

What we do

Schools and NGOs which focus on holistic education often miss out on teaching concepts related to peace education. This is where Diversity Dialogue comes in. We conduct workshops with students where we educate young students  about three concepts: 

  • Conflicts (conflict identification, resolution and more)
  • Countering hate speech
  • Understanding peace (different perceptions of peace etc.).

So far, we have had workshops with 200 students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. And we want to do more and expand beyond India, so we're looking for help. Interested to help out? See below:

The “Ask”

What: Competent volunteers to participate in training of trainers (ToT) and implement workshops in their home countries. from July - September 2021. 

Where: Global 

Who: Young high school graduates (aged 18 and above) from all six regions where Peace First operates.  

Why: Amplify the objectives/goals of Diversity Dialogue through workshop training.  

When: July 15 - August 31 (Training); September for workshop implementation

How: Provide ToT (training of trainers) to the selected volunteers who will then organize workshops on Peace Education in their own countries.


Ready to join the Diversity Dialogue team? Apply below now!