Young people are ready. They are rising up. Taking action. Speaking truth to power. And inspiring others to join a movement dedicated to creating positive change in the world with compassion, courage and collaboration. As young people come together in the name of justice, there is a tremendous opportunity for YOU to join in solidarity. As an adult ally. As a partner to Peace First. Because Together We Create the world we know is possible.

“Don’t just listen to young people’s suggestions — invest in them.”

Fish Stark
Peace First Fellow-in-Residence

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Donation Amount

Yes, we do accept checks. Please make payable to Peace First and send to:

Peace First
25 Kingston Street 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Interested in discussing more options?
Please reach out to Jenny Love (Development Manager) at [email protected] or 617.261.3833 Ext 322.

Generous support in the form of major gifts, in-kind donations, and corporate engagement opportunities are all welcome!