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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that young people don’t have the time to wait for adults to “fix” our world. Time after time, young people step up in moments of national crisis. In the past year alone, young people led marches against white supremacy after the murder of George Floyd, made sure their at-risk neighbors had food on the table when COVID-19 shut down public life, taught their younger siblings when schools closed and volunteered as poll workers to protect our right to free and fair elections -- even though many weren’t old enough to vote. Young people are shaping democracy and justice in America.

As the nation embarks on a new beginning, young people need to be at the forefront of the journey to heal, rebuild and reimagine our democracy.

#Rebuild100 is a Peace First campaign to support, mentor, connect and fund social action projects led by students, organizers, influencers, artists and changemakers between the ages of 13 and 25 in the first 100 days of the Biden administration. And in the first 100 days, Peace First is putting up to $10,000 directly in the hands of young people across America.

#Rebuild100 challenges young people to respond to the question, “What will you do to rebuild your community in 2021?”

first 100 days

On Peace First’s digital platform, young people ages 13-25 can pitch their ideas to reimagine the future of their communities through civic action and youth organizing on a rolling basis through April 30th. Selected projects will receive a dedicated mentor, project support, up to $250 in mini-grants and an invitation to join the #Rebuild100 digital community -- a cohort of young people mobilizing for justice across the US. Participants will access monthly community calls, leadership development workshops and training by seasoned youth activists on organizing for social change.

We will call young people to take action in their communities – especially young people on the margins, who are just beginning to believe in their own power but for whom the most is at stake. #Rebuild100 challenges young people to create and lead projects that build a better democracy, where everyone is treated with dignity, in 2021 and beyond. And we’ll share stories of how young people are reimagining the future of America on a national stage -- changing the conversation on how young people shape our communities, and inviting other young people to step up and join the movement for the first time.

Young people are changing the world. Not someday in the future. Right now. This is what democracy looks like. Join the movement at www.peacefirst.org. #Rebuild100

Visit our FAQ page for additional information about #Rebuild100.

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