Empower women and raise their awareness

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de wesam a.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

welcome everybody The injustice I want to talk about is violence against women and sexual harassment, especially for children

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de Violence against women
Abordaremos Lack of awareness of women's rights
A través de Increase their education and awareness of their rights

Nuestro plan:


  • Project goals 1. Increase women's awareness of their rights and duties in society 2. Reducing violence against women 3. Reducing sexual harassment
  • Work to increase women's social, economic and political education

Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

Here empathy will be with women And also to consider the culprit for doing such acts and practicing injustice against women

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

The courage here is that in the face of injustice against women and the practice of violence and sexual harassment, simply addressing this injustice is courageous And also to identify the reasons for those who practice or cause this injustice courageously

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

I will work with others by sharing ideas and solutions between one team to ascertain the cause and cause of this injustice and to develop the right plans to move forward with finding a solution As well as work to encourage the group and listen to their ideas and work on the ongoing support

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

There will be indications that we are on the right track according to the plan and the smart goals that we have identified, and here I will know from the interaction of the team and the continuation of youth in moving forward

Pasos clave

  • - Selection of injustice - Know the root causes of injustice - Understanding injustice - Plan and plan - Identification of the team - After discussion and consultation, hearing opinions, exchanging ideas, understanding among ourselves and respecting opinions - Implementation phase - Continuous follow-up with evaluation