Gift of Art

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Sanika S.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

Genetic Disorders is an out-of-reach issue, that cannot be controlled. These genetic disorders change a kids life in the most miserable ways. Even the smallest change in the DNA of a child can alter everything in his/her body, from cleft lips to conjoined toes. This small change makes the child feel different than other children. But I want to change this, starting at the Children's Hospital @ Colorado Springs. I want to make every child feel like no different than the others.

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de disabled children not being accepted for who they are, by others.
Abordaremos the issue, that some disabled children do not have a place to feel included.
A través de creating a safe place for all special children to feel respected and included, we will solve this injustice.

Nuestro plan:


  • Research the most common type of disorder occurring in children and provide the children @Children's Hospital with an opportunity to feel included and support their families with joy

Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

making sure that patients can have an opportunity to forget about their pain and loss, for just a few hours. I want them to know that they are great and need to be appreciated. Happiness for children, creates pleasure for parents as well. So my project is not only effecting children, but their parents as well.

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

I will show my courage by communicating with various people at the hospital and the patient's themselves. I need to improve my communication skills to do so. To get feedback from families about this project, I need to talk to them personally about my project and it's purpose.

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

I will collaborate with others in many ways. I will need to get permission to do this project at Children's Hospital. (I have gotten permission to do it already @ the Denver Children's Hospital.) I will also need to talk to the patient's families to get feedback on how I can improve this project.

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

I can measure my impact by taking feedback from families and how it affected their stay at the hospital. I want to make sure that the patients enjoy their time drawing their masterpieces. This will allow them to forget about what has been going on with them, for just a few minutes.

Pasos clave

  • -Communicate with the volunteering department at different Children's Hospitals to see if they are willing to complete this project with me.
  • -Research about the most common types of mental, physical, and behavioral disorders are in children
  • -Collect the supplies, decide what to exactly buy once I get the money
  • -Make packages for every patient, because they cannot share supplies unless disinfected, including 2 pencils (sharpened), 1 eraser, crayons, and a sheet of heavy-duty paper
  • -Send supplies to get checked by the Children's Hospital to make sure they are safe, for the patients to use.
  • -Create a "Feedback Questions" paper for parents and children to give me their opinion about my project


¿Cómo profundizó el proyecto la comprensión de la injusticia en tu equipo?

"Gift of Art" was a very important project for me. I achieved more goals and learned a lot of different values. I communicated with many parents and children. I understood that there are many difficulties that children have to face, due to their age. From the stories of parents, I learned that children are treated with much more care. But, sometimes too much care can get out of hand and hurt the child. The problems are not just faced by children, but their parents and families are effected as well. Siblings make choices every wisely, keeping their family in mind.

¿Cómo cambió tu comunidad como resultado de tu proyecto?

My community did not change or get affected as much. This is due to the fact that I did this project in Denver, Colorado. I live in Colorado Springs. Personally, I think that the effect on people matters more than the amount of people effected. Even though, I did not change mo

¿Cuántas personas fueron impactadas por tu proyecto?


In addition to those directly impacted, are there additional people you feel were indirectly indirectly impacted or reached? If so, how many? (This might include people who read about your project, families of people that attended your workshops or received services, etc.)

I have estimated around 25 children because I was only able to buy and make around 25 packs. These packs are made of markers, crayons, stickers, and paper. This estimate does not include their parents and siblings that enjoyed this moment together. One of the families that we enjoyed this precious time with was recording their children drawing. They were very happy to get this opportunity to spend time together. Along with this, there were many staff members in the Volunteering Department @ Children's Hospital, who helped me a lot through the process.

¿De qué manera aprendió más tu equipo sobre las personas afectadas por la injusticia?

My team learned more about the children by communication. Talking to others helped me understand what, both the children and their families, have to struggle through. Many of the parents made me feel very confident about myself. They gave me their blessings for creating a happy moment for their children. I am very proud to say that many families and children get a moment of joy to share and there is nothing more important than happiness.

¿Qué aprendió tu equipo?

Every child has the right to smile every single day. Being the reason behind a child's precious smile, is very important. I wanted to be that reason. I learned that children are deeply impacted by the tragic challenges that they have to face at such a young age. They have to fight to survive. At such a young age, fighting to survive should not be a problem. But for these little ones at the hospital, it is the biggest problem that they have to struggle through. Some of them are even stuck on a bed and cannot move for days on end.

¿Qué desafíos superó tu equipo?

Challenges come in forms of obstacles for everyone. But my challenges for this project were very easy for me to overcome, some of which I could not control. During the duration of my project, reaching out to people was one of my main struggles. I talked to many people via email and phone. Many times, people would give a reply back pretty late. So, I could not control that. Along with this, I got very busy myself. I struggled to create time for my project while studying for my finals.

¿Cómo involucraste a otros en el diseño, la realización o la expansión de este proyecto?

I had to get in touch with many people. In the volunteering department @ Children's Hospital, I had to involve every staff member to help me reach out to children who are willing to take part. To carry out my project, I had to arrange the timing and other things with Kathleen McBride, the head of the volunteering department. Before I executed my project, my father and I went on a 4-hour drive to meet Mrs. McBride We arranged everything via phone calls and email as well. The patients that took part in my project, as well as their siblings, are extremely important for my project. I could have never learned about the children and their families, if no one would have participated.

¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que inicia un proyecto de paz?

The advice that I would give to someone starting a project is to keep pushing. The determination to finish is what makes a project special. Being a busy teenager, I got very distracted and stressed with school work and other activities. But this project was a way for me to relax and realize that I am doing the right thing. I need to continue fighting for what is right. Pediatrics has always been important to me. This brought me to "Gift of Art". Today, me and my family are very proud of my project. I am happy that I finished my project and support many children.

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Brennan L.
3 February 2020 15:41
Hi Sanika,

It's great to see that you've completed your project! I'm looking forward to hearing more about how things went. Please be sure to submit your project reflection.