GIVE HANDS TO Him and to Them

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de ROBENSON A., Kerly Anichaelle A., Jefca pouchely ., Ansitho c., Chim Chaina Outchama E. and Jonaicka E.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

Poverty ,No Food,Job

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de The poverty
Abordaremos We know really many things that Can cause the poverty we will Address to the PEOPLE and public genererally and whom it may concernened.But the most few things we have registered in HAITI in the west department can cause the poverty too are:. 1)Because the young people in the west department of HAITI don't find easily best" PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS",With best programs of teaching,with best teachers,with best price or for free,with a best position, to go and learn something like a profession depend of They vision like:KITCHEN,SANDAL IN MACRAME,ARTS,GOOD CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM OF TEACHING,(COUTURE, to prepare clothes) and all other manuals professions that Can help them to have something to develop They talents,and They miss financial supports to fight against poverty. 2) After many constatations in in west department of HAITI,The young people loose to much Times in vain without doing anything else,because most of them After college don't Have any profession,and Bad mentality affect them too cause They miss good formation,they don't Have a job or something else to do to get get money to live and obtain or realise They Dreams.They Miss of knoledge too,how to create richesses(PRODUCTIONS.),They don't find any best programs of formations socially to help them,miss of (SUPPORTS),They become poor and miserable day After day. 3) The reason why too the young people the west department of HAITI and all the country become very poor,it Because the young people pass to much Times in the high schools without learning à profession ,cause of our systhem of education and the cost ,They don't really have time and enough financement to do other things only the school and After They finished They don't have something to do like a manual profession to do and They miss HANDS to fight against poverty in HAITI,After many interviews with them and others. And most They parents can't help the young people really After high school cause things are not really good financially for them in HAITI.Those things give sufferings and give more poverty. The young people don't find really many good possibilities ,and most of the Things They need to fonction are locked before them,They Miss HANDS to help them.
A través de The SOLUTIONS: We will create activities and TRAIN the young people with Good Training,best programs and good technics etc in the west department of HAITI. B) we will look for sponsors and Good people to GIVE THEM HANDS in many aspects of They lives to have they Autonomies and to be able to realise They Dreams ,to have a best life ,a best future and be in PEACE.


24 February 2019 21:04
hello,Friend ok
Thank you
Andrea C. Peace First Staff
26 February 2019 17:03
Hi Robenson,

I have added the following as members:

You'll be getting feedback on your Compassionate insight later this week.

26 February 2019 20:47
Dear leader Andrea C. Thank you For your good collaboration to us
Thank you
21 March 2019 11:12
Dear Andrea C.and the Team of peace First,we write you today to felicitate you for the good work you are doing to help the young people,thank you for your feed back about our project,:GIVE HANDS TO HIM AND TO THEM.
We appreciate your Idea to complet the steps very Well and ,we Want to let you know that we appreciate your patience to help us to talk to others to find the right answer ,we already edit our steps we are waiting of your good feed back to review it for us and we Want to let you remember we will work only one this project you Can delete the second project and we are waiting about your feed back to finish about the other steps to finish
Thank you for your understand ing
Best regard
The Team
22 March 2019 11:09
Dear Andrea c and the team of Peace First.
Today we are very Happy to let you know that we have a new Team member we would like to add in our project's page GIVE HANDS TO HIM AND TO THEM her name is:JONAICKA ELOIZIL her e-mail add her for us please.
thank you
the Team
28 March 2019 13:02
Dear Andrean all members of Peace First Team.Hello.
Today is a create day for us to write you to let you know that,we already edit the sections you have mentioned and we hope that you already receive the note of editing ,we beleive that you will work on that ,and we will stay patiently to wait for your note and your acces to us for the other steps
Thank you
Best regards

22 July 2019 8:58
Dear Peace First team,today is a great day for Us to write you and felicitate you about the good work you are doing Around the world and we would like to finish with the other step but they still lock,thank you because you will let us know your feed back
Thank you
1 August 2019 8:41

Today is a Great day to write you to felicitate you for the good work you are doing.

According to the meeting we have the TUESDAY ,JULY 30,2019 in the afternoon with all members of the project :GIVE HANDS TO HIM AND TO THEM,

we Want to let you know that in the PROJECT
we have JONAÏKA ELOIZIL,she is the SECRETARY of the project and in her name haa a mistake in the PROJECT page please we Want you to edit it in the SYSTHEM for us.the correct name is: JONAÏKA ELOIZIL.

We have ,JONAÏKA ELOIZIL ,like the secretary of the project ,and she has a new E-mail you Can contact her about the project is:

if you Want to write JONAÏKA ELOIZIL personally her good e-mail

N.B we will start to train our members in the PROJECT OF :GIVE HANDS TO HIM AND TO THEM ,we will start to train them in SATURDAY August 3,2019 in MACRAME SANDALS,we would like to teach all of them to speak good english too because they don't speak english,we would like all of Them to train in English to communicate easily with you.

NB we send to you a picture of all of Them

We Thank you because you will help them by giving the HANDS in the PROJECT.

Thank you very much for your understanding