Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Janet k.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

Health Care is a serious issue in Africa, especially Liberia. People living in the rural communities in Liberia are denied of a basic right, proper health care facilities. Children die on the way to the hospital because these hospitals are located far from the villages. People tend to seek herbal treatment due to lack of Health Facilities. The aim of this project is to provide Mobile Health services to the inhabitants of rural Bong County, Liberia.

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de Lack of Proper Health Care Facilities
Abordaremos Providing proper Health Care
A través de Providing mobile Health Facilities to rural communities.

Nuestro plan:



Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

We will increase our compassion by working closely with kids and pregnant women.

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

We will show courage by always being in the communities so that they know we too feel what they feel.

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

We will work with the community leaders and community members. We will ensure that they too feel part of the solution.

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

We know we are moving in the right direction when our survey shows that maternal mortality has reduced significantly. People no longer walk for hours to get treated.

Pasos clave

  • community entry-meet with leaders & stake holders
  • project begins- recruit health workers for mobile clinic
  • first survey
  • work on feedback form survey
  • July 2018- Train community dwellers in first aid
  • August 2018- Conduct second Survey
  • September 2018- Free Medical treatment across two districts. (Campaign: Healthy People, Wealthy People)

Nuestras actualizaciones:

Janet k.
4 July 2018 10:49

First Aid Training

Janet k.
3 September 2018 10:33
The first aid training was very fruitful. The community members expressed that gratitude and stressed that they will use the knowledge gained to help their community.

"This is the first time anyone has come to our place to do such training since the days of our fathers. Thank you very much for this and may God multiply where this came from." -Hawa Gormu (Resident, Suakoko)

Janet k.
3 September 2018 10:36


Janet k.
3 September 2018 10:40
The survey was conducted using one form of data:
Qualitative-Qualitative data including participant comments.


Amani A. Peace First Staff
26 April 2018 16:47
Hi Janet, I hope you are doing well. I just sent you email and I look forward to hearing from you.
Fish S. Peace First Staff
13 February 2018 9:56
Hi Janet -- I'm a member of the Peace First team. I saw you'd posted your insight and plan, and wanted to offer you some feedback!

I think you've hit upon a really important issue -- lack of access to healthcare -- that is widespread and harmful for many people. I'm curious to understand a little bit more about the rest of your insight: how do you feel that corruption is causing the problem? And how do you think that providing a satisfactory salary package will tackle corruption? I agree that corruption is a big determinant of why people can't get the services they need -- and that better salaries for healthcare workers may mean better care -- but I need your help to understand how it all fits together.

One thing that I really love about your plan is how much your work is driven by collaboration -- from the very beginning! It's encouraging that you're working closely with the affected and gathering feedback from community leaders and stakeholders. It's also great that you have metrics to track your progress. One thing I want to understand more about is the specific actions you plan to take to improve outcomes. Are you planning to provide care directly? Work to raise salaries? One thing to make sure is that your insight and plan align -- the last part of your insight should be the focus of your plan.

I'm really excited about this project -- it sounds like this is an issue you're very passionate about and have been working closely with community members on -- and can't wait to hear more about it!
KelseyPF T. Peace First Staff
13 December 2017 11:23
Hi Janet! Just wanted to touch base and see how things are going with you! I did try to send you an e-mail and got a notification that it had been waitlisted by your inbox -- so I wanted to reach out on here just in case. Let me know if you have any questions on my feedback and how we can best support you!
RaulPF C.
5 December 2017 13:35
Thanks for sharing the link, Janet!
Janet k.
4 December 2017 9:47
Janet k.
4 December 2017 9:46
We had a meeting last week and they seem to embrace the idea. They pledged to provide support to us by volunteering their services and giving us access to the towns to do our work.
Janet k.
4 December 2017 9:45
Thanks so much for accepting to be our mentor. We will think harder. You can contact us at: or whatsapp: 231886253522
KelseyPF T. Peace First Staff
4 December 2017 9:35
KelseyPF T. Peace First Staff
4 December 2017 9:35
Hi Janet! My name is Kelsey and I work here at Peace First-- I am going to be your mentor for this project and I'm so excited to hear about your wonderful ideas! It sounds like you have a good understanding of some of the root causes of there not being access to proper health care facilities in Liberia. I'd encourage you to think a bit more about your compassionate insight -- there may be several different root causes that contribute to the problem, so think about which one you want to focus on for your initial project. I'd welcome you to get a little bit more specific and detailed. If you haven't already done so, the problems and solutions tree tool in our Resources section might be helpful for doing this! By getting as specific as possible, it will be easier to begin to tackle the injustice piece by piece. Let me know how I can help think this through!
Fish S. Peace First Staff
27 November 2017 10:58
Hi Janet, thanks for sharing this project with us. Sounds like you are doing really exciting work. Lack of access to healthcare is a critical injustice and it seems like you have pinpointed a lot of great root causes. (I'm curious to see how healthcare fits in!) I like that you'll be using surveys to track your progress.

How has your work on meeting with leaders and stakeholders gone so far?

RaulPF C.
26 November 2017 19:30
Thanks for the additional info. Do you have a website or Facebook page where we can see more information on your project?
Janet k.
22 November 2017 10:43
Yes. This project is being led by a youth led Organization-Youth action Liberia. The Executive Director is Janet Keneah (age 23)
RaulPF C.
22 November 2017 8:55
Welcome to the community! Is this a project that is being led by young people?
Amani A. Peace First Staff
13 July 2018 13:04
Janet, thank you for sharing the update. Please tell us more - what was the event about? how many people benefit from this event? what were the outcomes? Any feedback or lessons learned from the people who attended the event?

Please let me know if you need any help and I look forward to talking to you soon.
Amani A. Peace First Staff
14 September 2018 10:22
Hi Janet,

How is the project coming along? We would love to see some updates, please share with us :)

Please let me know if you need help.
Amani A. Peace First Staff
4 October 2018 13:01
Dear Janet - What's the progress of your project? Please start sharing updates/photos of your project so we can highlight that on our newsletter.

It's important to finish the project and submit the Reflection.

Please let me know if you need any help.

Amani A. Peace First Staff
19 November 2018 14:26
Dear Janet,

I hope you are doing well. I would like to invite you to share your last updates of the project and submit your final phase: Reflect.

Please let me know if you need any help; always happy to support :)