Safer Sanitary Pad

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Samrat P.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

Most of the young girl in the community don't have proper knowledge about the Menstrual Hygiene. Even some girls know about it, they can't afford a sanitary pad during their periods. The consequences of which is fungal infection, urinary tract infection and in some worst case infertility. I want to do something about it.

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de unavailability of safe and clean sanitary pad during menstruation
Abordaremos lack of Menstrual Education and poverty
A través de teaching girls and boys about Menstrual Hygiene and training girls and boys to make safe sanitary pad at home. We can also reach their community in the second phase and educate every members of their community. This will ultimately helps to create a better and safer society for girls.

Nuestro plan:


  • To create awareness about Menstrual Health and Hygiene.
  • To break social stigma related to menstruation.
  • To train girls to make safe sanitary pad at home.
  • To involve girls and boys to spread awareness on menstruation in their family and society.

Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

We will hear the actual experiences of girls and their understandings related to menstruation to increase the compassion.

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

I will show courage by speaking about the menstruation which most of the people try to escape. I will try to include the girls themselves and the boys to educate others on this topic. Even today boys don't talk on these topics without mocking face, I will get them understand that menstruation is a serious topic and we all must act together to break stereotype about it.

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

I will collaborate with my female friends to share their ideas and experiences. Having a female presenter can be comforting to the school girls also. I will also talk with teacher from the school to put a monthly session relating problems faced by girls during menstruation. Finally in collaboration with school girls and boys, I will try to conduct an awareness event in their locality.

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

It will obviously takes some time to observe the impacts of my initiation. When girls start to feel safe and comfortable talking about menstrual health, I will understand that my action is bearing some fruits. The continuous attendance of girls throughout the month, their involvement in physical activities will also serves as indicator for the effectiveness of this event.

Pasos clave

  • 1. Educate girls about menstruation, hygiene and ways to make menstruation less painful.
  • 2. Train them to make safe sanitary pad at home.
  • 3. Hear their experiences and problems.
  • 4. Discuss individual problems and solutions.
  • 5. Encouraging girls to talk about menstruation among friends and family.
  • 6. Encouraging girls to make their family members aware about menstrual issues.


¿Cómo profundizó el proyecto la comprensión de la injusticia en tu equipo?

From this project we realized that the people suffering from this injustice are of mainly two types. One group; who doesn't know anything about the Menstrual Health and Sanitation. And the other group; who knows something on the topic but are unable to practice safer techniques in their life due to social stigma, poverty and traditional life style. The same case is with the school boys, they know about the things to be done when their sisters or mothers are in period. But they are shy to talk about it in the family. Some even think it is unmanly to talk about female stuffs. Even so, both school boys and girls are eager on the topic and they are somehow ready to change the existing concept about menstruation.

¿Cómo cambió tu comunidad como resultado de tu proyecto?

Social taboos and traditional beliefs regarding menstruation have been prevalent in the communities for ages. So it's not possible to change it overnight. But after the project, we found that the mentality of girls and boys have changed. Even it is not seen in their practical life, they are determined to abolish the system of untouchability during menstruation from their family. The girls and boys are beginning to ask for reasons rather than following the existing tradition blindly which I think is an important positive sign.

¿Cuántas personas fueron impactadas por tu proyecto?


Explica cómo alcanzaste este número de participantes o el número de personas impactadas por el proyecto:

Number of school girls attending the session: 80 Number of school of boys attending the session: 70 If a boy or girl can take this message to their 5 member family, Total people impacted will be 750

¿De qué manera aprendió más tu equipo sobre las personas afectadas por la injusticia?

Actually we ourselves are the part of the same society. So, we have experienced or seen the similar injustice. Along with that we talked with the girls and boys attending our previous sessions and with the teachers who were present throughout our program. We also got chance to talk with few (very few) parents whom we met after the event.

¿Qué aprendió tu equipo?

We learnt that the main causes of this social injustice are: a. lack of education on Menstrual Health b. poverty c. lower position of women in family and society. d. women and men are so habituated that they don't want to change their belief now.

¿Qué desafíos superó tu equipo?

The main challenge was to change the existing concept among the people. People have been believing in the stuffs like "menstruation is a sin" and "bleeding woman is impure". And to change that concept was really challenging. The second challenge was to make the boys attend the session and actively participate to create a better society for girls. But I think we did it with success and we are able to do something about the injustice related to menstrual health to some extent.

¿Cómo involucraste a otros en el diseño, la realización o la expansión de este proyecto?

We have directly involved the school girls and boys to expand our session to their home. The girls will now teach their family members and relatives about making Sanitary Pad at home. The teachers who had attended our sessions will guide the students if they need any information regarding Menstrual Health or about Pad Making at Home.

¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que inicia un proyecto de paz?

Before selecting any project please go through the problem thoroughly. And just don't analyze the problem thorough one perception. Most of the time, the major reason behind a social injustice is often hidden. Once you have identified the real cause of injustice, use all your resources, take help from as many as you can and work to achieve your goal. And the most important: Believe You Can. :)

Nuestras actualizaciones:

A one-day event on Menstrual Hygiene and Reusable Sanitary Pad making Training

Samrat P.
7 December 2018 11:25
We successfully completed the “A one-day event on Menstrual Hygiene and Reusable Sanitary Pad making Training” of project “Safer Sanitary Pad” as per our previous planning and preparation.

In the event the girls from grade 6 to 10 of Shree Shreekhandapur Secondary School, Shreekhandapur, Kavre were given an awareness about the “Menstruation and Menstrual Health” as well as training on making “Safe Sanitary Pad” at home. The number of girls attending the event was 80 and the similar number of boys from grade 6 to 10 attended the event separately. However, the session for boys was targeted on the “Introduction to Menstruation” and “why boys need to be aware on such matter?”.

The program started with “Presentation on Menstrual Health and Hygiene” presented by the female members from the group to the school girls. The male members gave the similar presentation to the boys separately. After that training on making Sanitary Pad at Home was given to the girls where girls were divided in different groups. The female team members concluded that the program was interactive and girls were comfortable to talk on the subject. The school girls during the event were curious and felt open to ask questions and share their experiences. The problem faced by each girl due to the superstitions and social practices were discussed.

It was a good decision to include the boys in the awareness event. The boys seem curious on the topic and were determined to end the sufferings and discrimination faced by their mother and sisters during Menstruation. At the end of the session for boys, we feel a strong change in the mentality of boys regarding menstruation and they promised to remove any superstitions related to Menstruation from their home and if possible, from their society.

There was adequate support and cooperation from the school. The female teachers from the school were very helpful and two of them stayed throughout the event. The female teachers also learnt carefully about making Sanitary Pad at home, so that they can assist students later if they face any difficulties. The Principal and Vice-Principal of the school were encouraging and even asked our team to bring the event relating to “Rape and Self Defense” in future.

The program as a whole was a grand success and we believe that we helped a little to break the social stigma relating to Menstruation. This event if can be done on even more remote parts of Nepal, the women’s reproductive rights and safety can be guaranteed in short time. From this program, we realized young boys and girls can be involved to fight bad traditions. This way the change starts from their own home which will automatically creates a better society.

Video Preparation

Samrat P.
21 December 2018 13:04
To document the activities done to achieve our project goals, we prepare an explanatory video. The video mainly focuses on the activities done on the event day.

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Preparation of Video

Samrat P.
23 December 2018 4:09
To document the activities done to achieve our project goals, we prepare an explanatory video. The video mainly focuses on the activities done on the event day.


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