Survival Boxes

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Ashley A.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

The injustice I am going to change in my community is the extreme suicide rates or self-harm rates due to the lack of access to those who can help during a crisis or lack of knowledge in a crisis.


Mojisola O.
22 July 2019 8:27
Hello Ashley,
I checked out your project and i must say i am proud of you. Your initiative is very welcoming and encouraging. Keep it up!

I can see you are working on your compassionate insight-
As you work on your compassionate insight it is important you use the problem tree worksheet to know if you are truly working on the root cause of the injustice. Also endeavor to understand the perspectives of both the perpetrators of the injustice and victims of the injustice.

My name is Mojisola, Peace First Digital Mentor. Please do note that i am always willing to help in case you need advise at any point in your project.

Thank you and keep IMPACTING.