Twi Vamwe Initiative- Keeping Teenage Mothers in School

Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Mumbe M.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?

A government report indicates that 8,334 ,in my subcounty in Kitui County in Kenya,young girls aged 13-19 got pregnant while in school. Over 75% of these girls have never rejoined school and are living in deplorable conditions. It is disappointing to see girls who have interacted with in my community not being able to go back to school even after giving birth. Although the government has allowed teenage mothers to continue with school when they are pregnant and after delivery, many girls in Voo do not return to school.

Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de Failure of teenage mothers to go back to school
Abordaremos the issue of lack of counseling and lack of support to combat stigma attached to teenage pregnancy to both the teenage mothers and their parents.
A través de Twi Vamwe Initiative- Keeping girls in school, which creates a platform where teenage mothers can talk about their problems. The program also seeks to work with mothers, generally, to support the girls and also urge other parents to take their teenage mothers back to school.

Nuestro plan:


  • Address reasons why teenage mothers do not go back to school
  • Create mechanisms on how parents can be involved in ensuring that teenage mothers return to school and also are involved in the children's reproductive health generally.

Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

Having sessions with teenage mothers so that they can be able to articulate their problems and feel appreciated by the community

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

We will organize a session with the chief, community elders and parents so as to increase their awareness towards their involvement in their children's reproductive health and how teenage mothers can go back to school.

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

1. we shall create patnerships with existing women groups so that we can gain a platform which will enable us to speak with mothers concerning their teenage mothers education. 2. Work with a local polytechnic to ensure that if a student can not go back to school, they can acquire vocational skills. 3. working with ministry of education to ensure that the government is involved in compelling the parents to let their children go back to school. 4. collaborating with the local hospital to ensure that both physical and psychological needs of the mothers are addressed.

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

1. When 5 (of the teenage mothers we are currently interacting with) are able to go back to school. 2. Number of parents attend our sessions. 3. the number of teenage mothers attending our sessions. 4. teenage mothers feeling more connecting to the society.

Pasos clave

  • organize and implement a chief baraza where local authorities will urge parents to let their teenage mothers go back to school. In the session, we shall also discuss the procedure of re-admitting the teenage mothers back to schoolon July 19th, 2019
  • Hold a week session, whereby teenage mothers will learn about their sexual reproductive health and become peer educators in August 2019.
  • create partnerships with local polytechnic to ensure that the teenage mothers who can not go back to formal education acquire skills.
  • create regular speaking chances in women groups and churches to address how mothers can go back to school.
  • data collection and survey to see if we have reached our goal.
  • write reports and create videos of the experiences of teenage mothers and their parents
  • create a social media presence and website to explain the activities we are undertaking


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