Fellow in Residence - Latin America


Join the movement.


This is the Fellowship you’ve been waiting for.

And if you’re a movement builder who is deeply committed to compassion, courage, and collaboration, we’ve been waiting for you. 

For over 25 years, Peace First has helped young people like you create social change in their communities. Now, we are scaling our work to support thousands of teams across the globe to lead peacemaking projects that make a difference in their communities.

As we do, we are building a team of Fellows in Residence – expert youth changemakers around the world – who will lead the delivery of our programs, supporting young people to challenge injustices, create impact and build a lasting culture of peace.

A growth opportunity and a learning community.

The Fellowship in Residence is a paid, year long Fellowship with Peace First. It is an unparalleled opportunity to build your skills and networks as an emerging leader -- and set you up for a career of lifelong leadership for social change.

Build a diverse skill set.

You will hone your skills at program design, facilitation and training, grantmaking, organizing, and more, in your day to day work. Fellows in Residence will also have opportunities to interact with and learn about the other operational areas of a global nonprofit, and regularly meet with and work alongside members of our senior team.

Build a network.

As the lead ambassador for Peace First in your region, you’ll work to build our visibility and credibility by creating a broad and deep partner network - - and, in the process, build your own network of peers and mentors.

Access support and coaching.

The Director of the Fellows in Residence Program will be a constant source of support and feedback, and Fellows in Residence will have regular touch points with the Founder & CEO and other senior leaders of the Peace First team. Peace First will match each Fellow in Residence with an external mentor, who you’ll meet with biweekly to support your personal and professional growth.

Professional development stipend.

Peace First will offer a stipend to help you access professional development opportunities from conferences to continuing education.

Community of practice.

We’ve structured the Fellowship in Residence as a community of practice – meaning that your peers are a source of learning and support. Through in person retreats and constant virtual communication, Fellows in Residence will build a tight knit community, offering a space for you to work through challenges, share joys, process frustrations, brainstorm new ideas, learn new things and feel supported, valued and championed. 

Work to build a movement.

At Peace First, we support young people to create changemaking projects – projects that address an injustice in their community through compassion, courage, and collaborative leadership – on our digital platform, PeaceFirst.Org. We take them through a 5-stage journey to choose an injustice, understand why it occurs, plan a project that will make a difference, act on their plan and reflect on their work. We target our recruitment efforts to young people who aren’t often called on to be peacemakers – those who might not otherwise have access to resources.

Fellows in Residence will also serve as key designers of Peace First programs, and support fundraising efforts by sharing their perspectives as young changemakers and leaders on our program team to current or prospective investors in our Youth Investment Fund.


What you’ll do.

Along with your team of Fellows in Residence, supported by the Program Director and the Program Design and Quality team, you will lead the implementation of Peace First programs in your region and help young people around the world start and lead thousands of changemaking projects. You’ll support them to generate new and innovative ideas to social problems, create impact in their community and change the way the world sees young people. 

Coach:Plan and facilitate workshops and trainings that support young people to launch, lead, and scale changemaking projects, both in person and online from our Peace First Labs that help young people start projects, to our Peace First Accelerators that help young people who have completed projects take them to scale, to workshops that take young people through the different stages of creation.

Curate:Lead the selection processes for our Peace First Accelerators, Peace First Prize, and Peace First Fellowship, and identify stories of change to be shared through Peace First’s storytelling initiatives.

Partner: Raise the visibility and credibility of Peace First in your region by building partnerships and relationships with key youth serving organizations, governments and influencers, managing a small budget for region specific work.

Engage:: Represent youth community and program team in conversations with funders and campaign partners

Design: Serve as lead designers for Peace First’s platform and programs, providing feedback and insights to inform continued development of our tools, resources and supports for young people.

Inspire: Lead efforts to activate young people in your assigned region to join our peacemaking community and start a peacemaking project, with a focus on activating young people who may not otherwise have the resources and opportunities to do peacemaking work.

Support:Facilitate young people’s progress through the Peace First Challenge, providing feedback, support and encouragement as they design and carry out changemaking projects, including approving & processing mini grants, working to meet ambitious goals for project completion, quality and impact within your assigned region. This will be the most significant area of work for all Fellows, and will take place predominantly online through the PeaceFirst.Org digital platform.

Connect: Lead community management efforts on PeaceFirst.Org, implementing our community management protocols and upholding our community norms to build relationships and connections between changemakers and ensure safeguarding of all users.


Who you are.

You are a changemaker meaning that in everything you do you act with our core values:

Compassion: You seek out and listen to the perspectives of others, and recognize the inherent dignity of every person.

Courage: You speak out for what is right, even when it is risky.

Collaboration: You bring others together to make change.

You have led a changemaking project– meaning that, over a sustained period of time, you have:

  • Identified an injustice in your community that was causing harm or inequity.
  • Talked to others to understand the root causes and come up with a solution.
  • Built a team and worked with them to create a plan for bringing your solution to life. 
  • Implemented your solution and created meaningful, measurable change.
  • Reflected on your work and identified what you have learned and would have done differently, and how you might work to remedy the injustice in the future.

You are a great team member.

  • You work well with others who have very different perspectives and experiences.
  • Act with integrity at all times.
  • Have a positive, problem solving mindset.

Lead Peace First’s growth in your region

  • Have a clear understanding of, and connection to, other youth-led movements in your region.
  • Have a high level of intercultural competency and are able to build relationships across lines of difference with curiosity, humility and clarity.
  • Can identify cultural and political differences between different communities and countries in your region and incorporate this knowledge into your practice.


  • Under 26 years old on May 1, 2021.
  • Based in Latin America.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish. Fluency or proficiency in Portuguese is highly desirable.
  • Have reliable access to fast, stable internet (assuming the cost of internet access
  • is covered).
  • Able to commit to at least one year as a Fellow-in-Residence, beginning May 2021.
  • Hold a valid passport and are able to travel.

Apply below.

If you have any questions, give this info package a read or email the Senior Program Manager, Mohammad Sammour: msammour@peacefirst.org

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