Idea-A-Thon 2021



The idea for the Peace First Social Ideathon 2021 is based on a belief that youth everywhere represent an untapped potential for informing the way we think about and work towards sustainable development. While there is already widespread agreement that youth need to be involved in the space of social changemaking, actually achieving this requires dedicated resources and well-designed programs so that young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to contribute in a meaningful manner. 

Today, amidst the background of an unfolding global health crisis, a pandemic of unprecedented scale, building youth resilience is more critical than ever. Although the data is premature, we are already seeing great disparities between social groups in terms of the secondary effects of the global quarantine: increased feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and a much more divided and volatile economic climate. 

Social Ideathon 2021 is a program that seeks to engage and support youth who have ideas to tackle some of the most pressing development challenges facing the Asia and Oceania region today. From growing unemployment, to rising mental health issues, increased political division and rising distrust in institutions, this two month program is designed to support youth to gain rapid insight into five of the most pressing SDGs for the region (quality education, healthcare, climate action, gender equality and economic growth), address the SDG that they’ve chosen through their project idea and receive intensive mentorship to support their project. Throughout the program the participants will work on their project ideas, receiving expert mentorship and participating in group workshops. At the end of the program the participants will have the opportunity to pitch their idea in order to receive funding.



Social Ideathon 2021 is a program that seeks to engage and support youth who have ideas to tackle some of the most pressing development challenges facing the Asia and Oceania region today. 

We want to turn your ideas for social change into action. We are focusing on the following five SDGs: 
- Quality education (SD4)
- Health (SD3)
- Gender equality (SD5)
- Climate action (SDG13) 
- Decent work/economic growth (SDG8). 

If you have an idea to tackle any of these sustainable development goals in Asia or Oceania in general, or in your country or community in particular, JOIN US! 

This is an accelerated program over the course of two months where you will receive leadership and project design training, group mentoring and skill based workshops that are specific to your project idea.  At the end of the program you will be invited to pitch your project idea to access funding. The top twenty ideas will be awarded a mini grant of $250 USD and the opportunity to accelerate their project to scale. 

Still interested? Below are the eligibility criteria:

1. Must be between 13-25 years of age at the time of application.
2. Must be a resident of Asia/Oceania countries. 
3. Committed to work on their project idea through participation in a 10 hour Ideathon event on June 27, 2021, group mentorship calls and skill training workshops.  
4. Ability to demonstrate team work and perseverance to take their initiative forward. 

**Please note that we welcome project application submissions in English. 

At the end of the Social Ideathon 2021, we will be announcing:
1. The top twenty ideas  will receive a mini grant of $250 USD and the opportunity to request an additional $100 USD for professional development related to your project. 
2. Ten 'Honorable Mentions' award, certificate and mentorship. 
3. Remaining project ideas will also receive grants, certificates and mentorship but these projects will have to go through the budget evaluation process. This means that the final result will not be guaranteed. 

Application deadline is Tuesday, June 22, 2021 (11:59 AM NPT, Please make sure to check your time zone.) 

In case of further queries, please contact:

For applicants from Nepal: Pooja Suwal, Founder of YOUTHive Nepal -
For applicants from India: Ritu Jain, Secretary of All India Welfare Society -
For applicants from Bangladesh: Aishwarya Sanjukta Roy Prorma, Bangladesh Youth Initiatives -
For the rest of Asia and Oceania countries: Sushmina Baidya, Regional Manager and Fellow in Residence for Asia/Oceania:  

About Peace First: 
Peace First is a global incubator for youth led social change. We provide young people between the ages of 13-25 with mini grants, customized coaching and mentorship and access to a global community of changemakers. 

About YOUTHive Nepal: 
YOUTHive Nepal is a non profit organization to promote inclusive socio economic growth among young people in Nepal. 

About All India Welfare Society (AWS):
AIWS is an NGO based in India that acts as a bridge between government and people who are living in poverty to realize the utmost potential to be someone in the society. 

About Bangladesh Youth Initiative (BYI): 
Bangladesh Youth Initiative (BYI) is a voluntary organization, working toward promoting active citizenship, inclusive education and sustainable community development in Bangladesh.

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