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About The Impact Room


The Impact Room is a  space for young changemakers to connect, share stories and experiences and explore ideas for social innovation from around the world. The concept was built to achieve three pillars:

  • Educate young people on global challenges and proven solutions using the power of storytelling, peer mentoring, and non-traditional learning methods.

  • Engage our youth by integrating gamification and digital tools that create an interactive, fun, and attractive atmosphere using Kahoot quizzes, Jamboards, etc. 

  • Enable young people to share their stories in a safe virtual space through assuring small groups of quality discussions where young people who have been working on the same challenges across regions get to meet, listen, learn and build bridges and bonds that help them in showcasing their work while getting inspired by their peers. 

The Impact Rooms are created to:


  • Create more awareness of Peace First's new programs around virtual communities.

  • Create a recognizable global hub of youth changemakers.

  • Educate youths on global social challenges by opening a space for international-level learning through storytelling.

  • Connect youth under a unified program that offers a learning experience and access to knowledge-centred rewards and prizes, as well as networking opportunities.

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