Peacemaking Tools

Core Peacemaking Project Tools 

Our peacemaking project tools guide you through the process of choosing an injustice, understanding it and identifying its root causes, creating an action plan, acting on that plan and Reflecting on your work. Our core peacemaking tools are currently available in English, Arabic and Spanish.

Peacemaking Manual: Use this resource if you would prefer to download all of the peacemaking tools as one comprehensive file.

If you are looking for a specific tool, you can find links to the tools for each phase below: 

  1. Choose: Help me choose an injustice
  2. Understand: Help me better understand an injustice
  3. Plan: Start my project planning now
  4. Act: Help me take action
  5. Reflect: Help me reflect on my journey and share my story


The 3 Cs: Courage, Compassion, and Collaboration 

Being a peacemaker isn’t about what you do — it’s about who you are. Peacemakers stand out because they speak up for their values and make commitments to help the world. There are three values that define peacemakers and peacemaking projects: courage, compassion and collaboration. These tools will help you explore these values and how to utilize them in your projects and everyday life. The “3 Cs” Tools are currently available in English and coming soon in Spanish and Arabic. 

Courage: Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with courage in your peacemaking work.

Compassion: Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with compassion in your peacemaking work.

Collaboration: Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with collaboration in your peacemaking work.


Action Tools

Looking to go deeper or expand your skills? Our action tools were created by Peace First Fellows who have first hand experience growing projects into sustainable initiatives. These tools include tips and strategies our Fellows learned along the way and links to additional recommended resources. The action tools are currently available in English.

Kylee’s Guide to Fundraising
Jeremiah’s Guide to Team Leadership
Matthew’s Guide to Curriculum Development

Ryan’s Guide to Evaluation
Grace’s Guide to Marketing and Publicity
Fish’s Guide to Recruitment and Organizing Volunteers 


Read the Book 

Putting Peace First: 7 Commitments to Change the World: An inspiring and interactive handbook to empower young people to drive change in their communities.


Resources for Educators and Facilitators

Digital Activity Center: Peace First’s Digital Activity Center offers full curriculum downloads for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The curriculum has been used in classrooms around the world for 25 years. The Digital Activity Center curriculum is available in English. 

Facilitator Manual: This manual, a companion to the Peacemaking Manual, is a comprehensive guide for facilitators of any age who are helping guide a team through the process of creating peacemaking projects in your community or school.