The Peace First Challenge

The Peace First Challenge helps young people (ages 13-25) create and lead projects that address injustice in their community through compassion, courage and collaborative leadership.


Peace First Challenge Project


Young people anywhere in the world can join the Challenge by clicking here. When you join the Challenge, you’ll be guided through a 5-stage journey and provided helpful tools and support, including training, mentorship and funding, to launch a social change project in your community.


We take a wide view of social change and injustice. We provide guidelines for the criteria a Peace First project must meet, but trust young people to tell us what the problems in their community are that need urgent solutions, and to work with the community to figure out the what these solutions can look like.


Joining the Challenge gives you access to:


  • A mini grant of up to $250 USD 
  • A self-guided virtual training, developed by young social change leaders from around the world, that takes you step by step through the process of creating an impactful project (or make an existing project stronger) 
  • Tools, developed over Peace First’s 30 years of supporting young people, to build a just and peaceful world, to deepen your learning and support your project planning 
  • Personalized feedback and mentorship to help your project succeed, including multiple rounds of written feedback and a coaching video call 
  • Opportunities to gain exposure for your work, including being featured in Peace First social media and newsletters
  • Become part of a community of changemakers in your region and around the world.


You can join the Challenge with a project you’ve already created, or use the Challenge to create a new project. Either way, you’ll have access to the same tools and support to help make your project a success, and you’ll be required to submit the same information about your project to receive a mini grant. About half of the youth Peace First serves develop new projects through the Challenge, the other half come to the Challenge for support with an existing project. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey as a social change leader, we’re ready to meet you where you are.  


Want to learn more about how the challenge works? Click here