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Join the Students Demand Action Challenge today!

Gun violence is the second leading cause of death in American Children and Teens and the Leading cause of death for Black American Children and Teens. Students across the country are taking a stand against gun violence. Students Demand Action, a program of Everytown for Gun Safety provides a platform for high school and college students to organize, campaign and advocate to educate and activate their communities to address America’s gun violence epidemic.


Students Demand Action and Peace First are partnering to support teams of young people across the country as you develop campaigns to address gun violence in your communities- and providing resources including mentors and $250 in funding, as you put your ideas into action.


Start your project today, and get access to tools, support, and funding.



Fact Sheets:


As soon as possible: Start your project and share your Compassionate Insight

By April 15: Create your Project Plan 

By April 30: Submit your Mini-Grant Application

By June 30: Submit your Reflection

Teams that complete their projects will be eligible to win an Accelerator Grant of up to $5,000!