Community Norms

Welcome to our community of peacemakers. As peacemakers and social agents of change we are all committed to the cause of peacemaking through compassion, courage, and collaboration. Here are some guidelines to keep our community safe, fun, and supportive for everyone.

  1. Be respectful: No one likes to be treated unfairly or judged in a way that is disrespectful or emotionally harmful. Value others and respect differences.
  2. Help keep the site peaceful: If you think someone is being hurtful, disrespectful, unsafe or otherwise inappropriate please report it.
  3. Share: You are more than welcome to share your knowledge, expertise and happenings but please don’t solicit or spam others in the community.
  4. Join the community and have fun: Take the challenge, share your projects, participate in discussions and have Fun!!!
  5. Be safe: Keep your personal information safe. Don't post personal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, last names, private information, or photos containing personal information.
  6. Foster meaningful and genuine interactions: Reach out to other peacemakers, inspire and make the most of your interactions. If someone moves you, speak on it and appreciate it.
  7. Stay on topic: Our community is designed to support young people with their peacemaking journeys. Content that is assessed as being spam or containing links to offer products or services and/or considered not relevant to the purpose of our community will be removed by our moderators.