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Un proyecto de construcción de paz de Amani B.

¿Cuál es la injusticia que estamos intentando resolver?


Nuestra Idea Compasiva

Para resolver la injusticia de lack of supportive education tools in rural areas in primary level school years age
Abordaremos lack of interactive education tools
A través de supporting & follow up through magazine,

Nuestro plan:


  • To support disadvantaged schools through education tools through out the academic years
  • Add interactive tools to enhance learning between kids and teachers

Aumentaremos mi / nuestra compasión por medio de...

Through the magazine that will be distributed among schools

¿Cómo mostrarás coraje (valentía)?

Courage will be shown on the long term effects on the learning experience among kids

¿Cómo colaborarán con otros/as?

Collaboration with others will be through designing, forming, distributing, and through printing the magazine

¿Cómo sabrás que te estás moviendo en la dirección correcta? (¿Cuáles son las formas específicas en que puedes medir tu impacto?)

To measure the impact: 1) ensure the target schools has received the magazine 2) ensure that the magazine is part of the educational system at home and in school 3) ensure that there is improvement in the learning process among kids and the interaction between kids and teachers

Pasos clave


¿Cómo profundizó el proyecto la comprensión de la injusticia en tu equipo?

IThis project given me the chance to think of students who lack support in education, in which some certain additives on their daily life can make at least some small difference.

¿Cómo cambió tu comunidad como resultado de tu proyecto?

I guess the change needs time to be seen especially that there would be update for the magazine every week or every month.

¿Cuántas personas fueron impactadas por tu proyecto?


Explica cómo alcanzaste este número de participantes o el número de personas impactadas por el proyecto:

This number is printed magazine that was distributed through municipalities in food aids. As indirect, I have created an online page on fb, as well I uploaded the magazine in two online student applications where they are taking online lessons

¿De qué manera aprendió más tu equipo sobre las personas afectadas por la injusticia?

The people affected are local underprivileged students, as well refugees living in informal settlements yet the plan was changed amid covid 19 pandemic.

¿Qué aprendió tu equipo?

Serving the community, social skills with local government organizations, and put plans into actions.

¿Qué desafíos superó tu equipo?

The first challenge schools were locked down, second lock down of areas where you can’t reach informal settlements areas. Third online sponsoring failure due to banking problems in the country; fourth exceeded the budget. Fifth, little bit confused on the flow of ideas and content in magazine

¿Cómo involucraste a otros en el diseño, la realización o la expansión de este proyecto?

A graphic designer was involved, and distributing were done by municipality volunteers.

¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que inicia un proyecto de paz?

Believe in yourself, work hard to achieve your goals, and the sky is the only limit. As well, doing projects while helping others will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and be proud that you are serving your community.

Nuestras actualizaciones:

Pocket magazine 1

Amani B.
25 March 2020 15:02
Done before and some edit recently

Pocket magazine 2

Amani B.
25 March 2020 15:04
Done ✅


Amani B.
25 March 2020 15:07
I may only go to sponsor it online but this is not my final decision, because all schools are locked down due to corona virus and all are switching to online learning so it may be very beneficial and interesting to children especially in their quarantine stage, or I may print and submit it to civil society to be distributed among homes in some villages but this will be limited to specific geographic areas since we are restricted to move between areas due to lock down

Printing the magazine

Amani B.
23 April 2020 14:30
I printed the magazine earlier this week, So far I have decided to promote it also on facebook, but due to banking restrictions in the country I am not allowed to do so because the work is only restricted for urgent issues. So far the budgeting went for printing the magazine, as well I’m going to give part of magazine to be distributed by two municipalities in the region where they are helping the community through food aids , so the magazine will be put inside the boxes. Moreover, The plan was changed Where I was going to distribute in informal settlements in Bekaa valley for syrian refugees and for public schools yet due to coronavirus lockdown and safety measures I am not able to. So the distribution will be done as I said before by two municipalities and the other part by me hopefully next week.

Finalizing the project

Amani B.
7 May 2020 3:46
The magazines were given to municipalities where they were placed in food aids to be distributed among citizens.


Josiane A. Peace First Staff
11 October 2019 17:07
Hello Amani,
You recently started a project on our platform and we're excited to see your next steps! We believe in you driving change in your community and helping refugees get more opportunities to become active members in society! We'd like to support you in completing your project every step of the way! Here's the link to your project:
We'd love to see what you do next!
Please reach out in case you have any question or concern.
Elisha S.
21 October 2019 12:02
Great insights, seems you'll be supporting them with education tools.
Josiane A. Peace First Staff
2 December 2019 7:05
Hello Amani!
We're here to support you in your journey as a peacemaker! Please let me know if you need any help moving forward!
Josiane A. Peace First Staff
18 January 2020 4:22
Hello Amani!
I think your plan is clear and I am so excited to see this project come to life!
Before sending you the grant, we will require one last step: the verification and coaching call. During this call we will e giving you additional guidance on how to launch your project. Please fill in this form to help us prepare:

Additoinally, we will require a recommendation letter from an institution (NGO, university ..) that you have been a part of. Please send your recommender the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14YK9lp0MWMjpK2vG-zHBSdX9GMCMUxwyGOSB_abUL1o/edit#gid=0

Please let me know if you have any question.

Josiane A. Peace First Staff
29 January 2020 4:22
Hello Amani!
I've received all your documents and letter of recommendation.
Please schedule a call through my calendly in order to begin the verification and coaching call: https://calendly.com/jatallah