Parents and Adults

The Peace First Challenge is a call for young people ages 13 - 24 to identify injustices in their communities and take action through a peacemaking lens. There are tools, mentors, financial resources, and a community of young people to support them online through their journey. But there is also an important role that adults (parents, teachers, mentors, etc.) play to support them!

Benefits of the Peace First Challenge

  • Young people create solutions to problems that they are facing in their communities
  • Tools to guide them from an idea to a peacemaking solution
  • Financial resources to support them in creating a peacemaking project
  • Mentors and a community of young people to help them along the way
  • Stories of their peacemaking journey in your community will reach national and international audiences
  • The Peace First Challenge will help youth gain skills in peacebuilding, leadership, entrepreneurship, community building, and technology

Getting young people started

  • Share the Peace First Challenge with young people you know and encourage them to get them involved.
  • Guide young people through the Peace First Challenge by being a group facilitator. This is great for classrooms, clubs, after school programs, etc.
    • Group facilitators can create and manage a group of young people. Functions include: Inviting participants, starting a conversation thread, and moderating posts
    • To be a group facilitator follow these easy steps: 1) Sign up for the Peace First Challenge; 2) Create a group; 3) Invite young people
  • Join our network of supporters and cheerleaders. Here are some ideas:
    • Be a mentor to a young person doing the Peace First Challenge
    • Be a cheerleader and encourage them along their way
    • Offer space to celebrate
    • Be available for research and interviews
    • Answer questions young people might have
  • Share powerful stories of youth peacemakers
    • Share on social media
    • Ask local news stations to do a featured story
    • Put out a press release
    • Send to Peace First so we can share with our network