Bartlett Bears Cub Clubs

A Peacemaking Project by Claudia A.

What is the injustice we are solving?

In our school, Cub Clubs promote community building in our school. They are mixed age/grade level groups that meet once a month so that students can meet friends throughout the school. We address topics like empathy, persistence, optimism, flexibility, friendship, bullying, and communication.


Fish S. Peace First Staff
3 October 2017 10:09

Hi Bartlett Bear Cub Clubs -- this project sounds excellent! I think it's a powerful insight that building cross-grade friendships can create a safer and friendlier school. How have things been going so far? How did you develop your curriculum?

How is this program run? Are you a teacher, or another young person? (I ask because we can provide support in different ways depending on whether this is peer-led or teacher-led!)