Civic Engagement

A Peacemaking Project by Maxwell S.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Catching Joy, Inc. promotes volunteerism and acts of kindness beginning with kids, teens, and their families. We organize hands-on community service projects that youth can do to help teach the responsibility and joy of giving. Our Peace First project this year is addressing the injustice of economic and education inequality. We want to do something to help promote literacy and book ownership to kids in need, specifically in households where reading is not a priority and underprivileged schools. We are going to organize fun events- theme story times, trivia contests, etc.- that celebrate the love of reading. We will collect new and "like new" books" and make bookmarks to go along with them. We will distribute the books to kids in need.


RaulPF C.
3 April 2018 8:37
Thanks, Maxwell. We are looking forward to seeing your updates on this work.
Adrian B.
2 April 2018 11:22
Yay! :D I'm so glad this has been helpful--please let us know if you have more questions, and how we can support you! Thanks for your important work.
Maxwell S.
30 March 2018 12:45
Hi, Raul, thank you so much! I revised my insight and submitted my plan and mini-grant request today. I'm grateful for the support and help from Peace First, and I'm looking forward to this new challenge getting youth involved helping the cause for literacy for people in need. Your friend, Max
Maxwell S.
30 March 2018 12:43
Hi, Adrian, thank you, I submitted my plan and mini-grant request today! Thanks to you and the Peace First team for all your support and help! I have learned so much from you, and I look forward to taking on a new challenge addressing civic engagement and literary for people in need. Your friend, Max
Adrian B.
29 March 2018 20:34
Hi Maxwell,

Just checking in about your project and the next steps. I wanted to make sure you are aware of the upcoming Mini-Grant Deadline - there is still time to remain eligible to attend a Peace First Challenge Accelerator if you complete your Compassionate Insight, Project Plan, and Mini-Grant application by March 31st.

We're excited about your work, and would love to be able to support it with a mini-grant of up to $250.

These tools can help you craft your insight, plan, and budget for your mini-grant:

Through your dashboard you can submit your "compassionate insight," record your plan in "Make a plan" and then "Apply for a mini-grant" for the materials you need.

Let me know how I can help!

RaulPF C.
6 March 2018 10:42
Hi Maxwell. It is always so nice to read about the projects that you are working on. As a next step, remember to submit your insight when you get a chance. You can do that at (you need to copy and paste into your browser)

I'd love to hear how we can help!