Civic engagement in the post millennial age

A Peacemaking Project by Alexandru B.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Young people in Romania are very disengaged from the life of their communities. Our purpose is to investigate the causes of this phenomenon and to suggest strategies for improving their civic engagement.


Amani A.
23 February 2018 13:57
Hi Alexandru, any updates on your project, please? Civic engagement of the young people is a very important issue to tackle. Do you have a deep understanding of how to solve this issue?

We would encourage everyone who is at this stage of their project to work towards deepening their understanding of the injustice they are focusing on. It would be great to talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice.
Also, use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

You would need to get started now to be eligible for a mini-grant. Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we are looking forward to your next steps of the project!

Please let us know how can we help.
Amani A.
2 February 2018 13:58
Alexandru, welcome to Peace First community! We are excited to see a project that's coming from Romania. It's very interesting to hear that the young people in Romania are disengaged in their community. However, by seeing you taking the initiative to create a project to solve this issue is an indicator that there are some young people who still care about their community! We are proud of you.
In order to help you in understanding the root causes of this issue, I would encourage you to use the Peacemaking tools; The Understand step in the tools will help you to dive deeper into the injustice you are trying to solve and uncover a powerful solution which will outline in a compassionate insight. Please let us know how can we help.