Coding 4 Change

A Peacemaking Project by Yuqing L.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Many children in low-income regions do not have the opportunities or skills to delve deeper into STEM and computer science. Coding 4 Change aims to change that by providing free coding lessons to students in low-income or minority communities. With the knowledge of computer science, these children will be more confident and prepared to find a job in the fields in the future, and they will have the opportunity to gain an early exposure to STEM, particularly computer science.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of limited opportunities for low-income and first-generation students
we will address the lack of STEM and computer science after-school activities for low-income neighborhoods
by providing free after-school STEM activities for children in all parts of the world.

Our Project Plan:


  • Expand to different countries
  • Involve 1000 children in Texas
  • Involve 50 schools and libraries in Texas
  • Create a 5-year Curriculum
  • Goals for the Upcoming Months: 1. Reach out to more schools in Texas 2. Expand to other states 3. Get YouthPowerhouse Involved and include Coding 4 Change events on the email newsletters 4. Start fundraising with 1000 Dreams to cover costs of curricul

We will increase my / our compassion by...

helping low-income and first-generation students discover their own potential and gain an early start to STEM and computer science fields.

How will you show courage?

I will not be afraid to speak up for the minority and expand this program to include more students in more states/ countries.

How will you collaborate with others?

I will work with other schools, libraries, and city officials to try to expand this program to more regions and involve more students.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

I will conduct monthly surveys at all the locations where parents and students can fill out suggestions and ratings.

Key Steps

  • Contact School Officials
  • Contact Library Systems
  • Contact City Officials
  • Work with Youth Powerhouse to promote Coding 4 Change on National Level
  • Talk to schools in different countries to add Coding 4 Change to their curriculum
  • Become a 501(c)3 Nonprofit
  • Be promoted on national magazines and newspapers
  • TV?
  • Involve more high school/ college students to create an effective curriculum
  • Goals for the Upcoming Months: 1. Reach out to more schools in Texas 2. Expand to other states 3. Get YouthPowerhouse Involved and include Coding 4 Change events on the email newsletters 4. Start fundraising with 1000 Dreams to cover costs of curricul


How did the project deepen your team's understanding of the injustice?

By working with these children, we were exposed to how eager they were to learn. With these opportunities at hand, these children had an eagerness to learn and explore the world of STEM and computer science.

How did your community change as a result of your project?

By hosting weekly workshops at local schools and libraries, hundreds of students became involved in our year-long projects/ curriculum, which helped them gain an early exposure to STEM and computer science.

How many people were impacted by your project?


Explain how you came up with the number of people impacted by the project?

I took surveys at the end of the year, asking people who came to more than 3 workshops to mark "yes." That was the first requirement. The second requirement was asking their parents whether they think their children were impacted by the project.

How did your team learn more about the people affected by the injustice?

These people were disadvantaged and had significantly fewer access to opportunities, which inhibited their learning from a young age.

What did your team learn?

By starting and completing the project Coding 4 Change, we have paved the way for the next generation of leaders.

What challenges did your team overcome?

At first, our team did not know where to start. None of the locations that we contacted wanted us to start a workshop there.

How have you involved others in designing, carrying out, or expanding this project?

I have posted flyers, posters, and pamphlets telling others about the workshop. I have also involved teachers at elementary schools to bring these workshops to their classrooms.

What advice would you give to someone starting a peacemaking project?

Even in times of difficulties, never give up because you are setting a wave that will impact so many lives.

Our Updates:

Goals for the next several months — Coding 4 Change

Yuqing L. 2 March 2018 17:50 Goals for the Upcoming Months:

1. Reach out to more schools in Texas

2. Expand to other states

3. Get YouthPowerhouse Involved and include Coding 4 Change events on the email newsletters

4. Start fundraising with 1000 Dreams to cover costs of curriculum, supplies, and field trips


Adrian B. Peace First Staff
11 June 2018 13:34

Hi Yuqing!

Congratulations on finishing your peacemaking project! I’m on the Peace First team and wanted to say thank you for your amazing work and for taking time to share about your work.

Below you will find some feedback based on your Reflection, which we hope will help you to celebrate your incredible accomplishment and reflect on how to grow and develop your project in the future:


Wow! I love how tirelessly you have worked to bring these workshops to any location possible. It's great to have these workshops available in schools as well as libraries, and your persistence in seeking out space is admirable.

I also am impressed at the speed at which you've grown (reaching 500 people so quickly is remarkable) and how you're providing a practical skill to people who are often underserved in education.

Things to consider:

I'm wondering how you can involve the people you serve in leadership and planning for your programming. Can you partner with some of them so that they can help steer the work?

I also didn't see much information on your reflection about how you've deepened your understanding of the injustice through your project. Have you talked to people directly experiencing this injustice about what it's like? Here are some tools for this:

We hope you will stay in touch and keep us up to date as you continue your work to create change!


Adrian B. Peace First Staff
8 June 2018 16:41

Hi Yuqing--so sorry about this! Your reflection is here now. Sorry for the confusion!  

Yuqing L.
8 June 2018 13:46

Hey Adrian! Sorry for the hassle! I completed my reflection. Do you mind checking again? Thank you for the help!  

Adrian B. Peace First Staff
8 June 2018 13:44

Hi Yuqing!

We're checking in because you haven't submitted your reflection yet. Reflections were due on May 31 as a part of your mini-grant award. Please submit your reflection as soon as you can. We're looking forward to hearing about how your project went!  

RaulPF C. Peace First Staff
8 March 2018 13:11

We are really happy to know that we can play a role in helping you make a positive difference in the world! We are so looking forward to seeing the updates on your work!  

Yuqing L.
7 March 2018 18:43

Thank you so much for the suggestions and selection! I am honored to have been chosen to receive the opportunity to further make a difference in my community! ?  

RaulPF C. Peace First Staff
7 March 2018 16:49

Hi Yuqing,

Congratulations! Your project has been selected to receive a Peace First Challenge mini-grant. We will be in touch soon with details about this payment.

The mini-grant process is also a space for you to get feedback on your peacemaking project. We hope you will use this feedback to further strengthen your project. Please see the feedback on your mini-grant below.

We felt that you did a great job at laying out the steps that you want to follow to achieve your goal. We also feel that you did a great job at thinking about ways to collaborate with others to turn your idea into reality.

Things to Consider:
We had a couple of ideas that could help make your project even stronger.
1. We think that bringing in your plan more information related to what you have learned from the children you have spoken with to shape your plan would be fantastic
2. We also think that adding a little bit more clarity about what you will be asking when you send the surveys that you mention could help you focus on indicators to understand if you are achieving the change that you want to achieve.

Congratulations and best of luck with your project!


Kelsey T.
5 March 2018 13:59

Our pleasure! So excited to have you as part of the Peace First community and excited to hear how your project evolves. Thanks for adding in the additional details about the goals for the next few months specifically! Looking forward to continuing to support your work -- let us know how we can help! :)  

Yuqing L.
2 March 2018 17:47

Thank you for the advice Kelsey! I will definitely add more information about my pronect in the “Goals” section. Thank you for taking the time to look over my project, and I am very grateful for the opportunty to showcase my ideas to better my community and the world ?  

Kelsey T.
2 March 2018 16:58

Hi Yuqing! I'm part of the Peace First team and wanted to say Thanks for posting your project -- it is so important to find ways to create opportunities for under-resourced communities and first-generation students, and I think the idea of providing free STEM programs to children is one really interesting way to do that. I also wanted to provide some feedback on your compassionate insight -- We provide insight feedback to help teams further strengthen their ideas as they head into the plan phase.

I think your insight is strong -- a lack of opportunities to develop skills in STEM can definitely contribute to fewer opportunities overall. I'd encourage you, as you continue to enact your program, to consider other root causes that are at play as well -- why do you think programs like this don't already exist for low-income students? How can your project help incorporate advocacy to ensure that all students have equal opportunities?

I also wanted to give you a bit of feedback on your plan - we will review your mini-grant next week, but it would be great for you to provide a few clarifications on our plan.

Since this project is part of a much larger ongoing initiative, would you be able to write a couple of sentences under the goals to explain your goals for the next few months specifically? Please note that you will need to use the funds and submit your reflection by the end of May -- so it will be important to think strategically about an action plan for that timeframe and what you can reflect on at that stage, even as you continue to develop this work.

Our Plan tools can help you come up with specific time bound goals:

Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!!