Dry-land Challenges in northern Nigeria

A Peacemaking Project by Idris A.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Government has failed to develop a strategy that addresses the challenges pursed by dry-land in northern Nigeria which is one if not the major reason for frequent clashes between farmers & herders in the region. Dry-land has also discourage irrigation farming thereby hindering participation of a majority of local farmers men & women from involving in small agric businesses that could improve their lives and income during dry season. Furthermore, domestic & wild animals including remote communities surfers lack of drinking water which sometimes led to death of the animals as a result of dry-land challenges in the region.


Idris A.
16 January 2018 15:41
Yes, I am running a participation drive awareness for young people in academic institutions and will be holding one tomorrow. can send you images and/or videos of the programme if you like to view them.
Fish S. Peace First Staff
15 January 2018 13:33
Idris, thanks for posting. Sounds like a very critical issue. Are young people (under 25) involved with leading this project?