Empowering community to overcome poverty by addressing education imbalances, gender imbalances and violence.

A Peacemaking Project by Adio C.

What is the injustice we are solving?

In my community, education is seen to only be an activity taken by only boys. Often a number of times girls are denied access to education. As a girl child is born, she is looked at as a care taker of homes and her major role is domestic chores. As the girl child grows up to the age of 12-15 she is looked as potential source of wealth, she is forced into early marriage against her will. This is injustice, and violation of rights of girl child. My project would focus on empowering the community to defend and promotes girl child education, advocate and influence policies that promote equal and equitable access to education for both girls and boys as well as empower the community to support education by creating and supporting income generation activities to help empower them economically and check on poverty