Empowering With Skills for Social Peace

A Peacemaking Project by Wokocha H.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Due to the differences in financial status of students and lack of skills to generate revenue, most university undergraduates indulge in violent activities such as looting and bullying fellow students to obtain money and other valuables. This project seeks to curb this menace and injustice by empowering students with skills that they can later trade in order to improve their financial status and others around them. Social peace can be guaranteed when everyone is busy and productive.


Adrian B.
2 February 2018 14:26
Hi Wokocha!

Thanks for posting this project! I'm excited to see that you're hoping to address the issue of young people not having resources and violence at universities. Are you working with any young people directly on this project?

It's clear that you want to support a safe, successful environment for all university students. While violence on university campuses does happen, there are also many students--both those who have extra money and those who don't--who are peaceful. It can sometimes be easy to think that the majority of students are violent, because our society is telling us that young people are violent and irresponsible. But the reality is quite different: young people are much more vulnerable to experiencing violence than to being violent towards others. Young people having a lack of resources doesn't mean that they will be violent, either--that's another mistaken idea that the overall world likes to spread around.

I'd encourage you to work with young people themselves to see what problems they're facing on university campuses, and how you can support them. The answers might surprise you!

I'm glad you're showing compassion and care for students experiencing violence and perpetuating it, and for students who don't have enough resources. These are all important groups, and I know that these youth will have many great ideas about how to address these injustices.

Please let me know if you have questions!

Esekon Joseph E.
16 October 2019 1:01
It requires safe and join venture to address university problem
Esekon Joseph E.
16 October 2019 0:59
Girls in the university are commercializing their bodies for money. The reason being, some come from poor families and meeting needs become hard and thought of otherwise? How would we help this problem?