Every child deserves a snack!

A Peacemaking Project by Ewaen O.

What is the injustice we are solving?

A lack of healthy food.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Lack of healthy meals for kids.
we will address We will address poor orientation about malnutrition and unhealthy meals on kids. Well as introducing them to nutritious food supplements.
by Organizing an orientation campaign across the community for parents and guardians as well as for kids. And also setting up small food group talks across the community to sensitized members.

Our Project Plan:


  • Our first project goal is to reach out to 500 students in schools across the community. 2. To orient them to small food group talks to discuss about healthy meals and their supplement. 3. To help each student discover the food supplements that works best for him or her and which is easily accessible. 4. Make preparing healthy meals and snacks interesting and enjoyable for them as they did nd out more foods and snacks.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

We will increase our compassion by letting parents know the dangers of malnutrition and how we struggled out of it. Telling them our unique story.

How will you show courage?

I will have to reproach the government and community leaders. And also form alliance with existing NGOs that relate to proper feeding like the FOOD CHAIN GROUP . I Will also set up meetings with the commissioner of education in my state to deliberate on the best approach of providing meals for all students.

How will you collaborate with others?

I will collaborate with others by first; forming great synergy with people that is creating a 5 man team who will join me head to head to carry out the goals of this project. I will also collaborate with parents of the kids and authorities of the schools to provide proper orientation to the students on healthy meals. I will also form synergy with bigger bodies like the FOOD CHAIN and LIVING WELL NGOs which will help in the provision of food supplements and orientation of the students. The names of the schools situated in Benin city that I would be collaborating with are; 1. Umelu secondary school 2. Niger college 3. Emotan college.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

1. Once school authorities give us a free pass to their schools to orient students( thereby supporting the initiative) 2. Once orientation has taken place in the schools and small food group talks are formed. 3. When our checklist and questionnaires are filled to ascertain if parents/ students known the nutritional value of the meals they take. 4. Each student joins us in orienting other students and parents.

Key Steps

  • 1. Create a 5 man team 2. Set up meetings with parents of affected kids. 3. Submit letter of orientation to school authorities. 4. Submit letter of facilitation/ alliance to NGOs in Benin city.
  • 5. Agree on fixed days for meetings with schools 6. Have the orientation session and preparation of healthy meals 7. Form small food group talks to continually educate on the benefits of nutritious meals. 8. Synergize with government authorities and NGOs to distribute/ implement proper meals/ snacks to students.


Hammed A. Peace First Staff
19 October 2019 7:50
Hi Ewaen,

Thank you so much for submitting your mini grant request!

I noticed that you budgeted $50 to print invitation letters. Can you explain why it cost that much?

Can you give the breakdown for the snacks ? How many people are you providing this snacks for ?

Really excited to hear more!

Ewaen O.
19 October 2019 11:33
Good day Hammed. Thanks for your insightful feedback. Hiring the services of the person that would print out the invitation letters, would cost $20. A total of 10 invitation letters would be printed. 3 letters for the schools we are orienting, 2 for the NGOs we are collaborating with and the remaining 5 for government officials.
The remaining $30 would be used for logistics round the community during the cause of distributing these letters because the schools, NGOs and government offices are not closely located.

My team and I plan on orienting at least 500 students and we plan on providing snacks during the period of the orientation. Snack for each person cost $1 and the orientation is to last a minimum of 3 days. Thanks once more.
Hammed A. Peace First Staff
25 October 2019 17:42
Hi Ewaen,

Thank you for your response. At this point, we would not be able to approve the $20 dollars for hiring service of a person that will print out the invitation letters. We request young person and team members dedicate most of their time working on project implementation. I will suggest you do the typing and you can use WPS application on your phone to type letters. You can also use google doc. I also suggest you think about printing a copy and photocopying the rest. This will reduce the cost.

Could you share with me the number of trips you will be taking ? I think $30 is on the high side on transportation. I suggest you should consider sending e-invitation and I am thinking if $30 is used for transportation, what about the main project implementation. I suggest you consider reviewing this and think about ways to reduce cost.

Really excited to hear more! Keep up the phenomenal work!

Ewaen O.
25 October 2019 21:58
I am really grateful for this useful feedback. Thanks Hammed. I truthfully had not thought of using WPS to print out the invitation letters. I would do that right away. Thanks
Ewaen O.
25 October 2019 21:59
Well as for sending out e_ invitation, that would be a challenge because the schools, NGOs and giv
Ewaen O.
25 October 2019 22:09
Well as for sending out e_ invitation, that would be a challenge because the schools, NGOs and government officials do not have such means of receiving our letters. We plan on making a total of 7 trips with two team members representing us. The community we are reaching out to is on the outskirts of Benin city. It takes a minimum of $3 to reach the community where the schools are located. For two team members that would be $6 and coming back that would be another $6 making a total of $12 for our two team members to reach the schools in the community. For the NGOs
Ewaen O.
25 October 2019 22:18
I am sorry I keep mistaking clicking the comment button when i am not done typing.

For the NGOs and government officials, a one man team will distribute the letters to them all separately that would cost $3. The remaining $15 would be used to transport all our team members which is a 4man Team, the snacks will would be carrying and the writing materials we have provided for the minimum of three days to and from the community.

My team and I came up with the plan of using the remaining $20 to print a mini booklet for the students that they can use during the small food group talks which will contain various health benefits good meals and snacks, how to prepare them and preserve them. This will serve as a good reminder while they need healthy meals and how to go about
Ewaen O.
25 October 2019 22:26
And how to go about getting it. Will would be printing this for a minimum of 500 students! That would be a minimum of $9 for the 500 copies. The remaining $11 would be used to provide free writing materials to all participated students.
Thanks for this opportunity. I really hope to hear from you soon and be part of this change.
Hammed A. Peace First Staff
28 October 2019 12:16
Hi Ewaen,

Thank you for your response!

Kindly provide this breakdown in your budget. I mean edit your budget to include all the breakdown.

Hammed A. Peace First Staff
30 October 2019 12:27
Dear Ewaen,

Thanks for submitting your mini-grant request. There are a few additional steps that we need to do before approving the mini-grant. Submitting the budget is the first step.

Now, it is time to conduct the Mini-Grant Verification and Coaching Process (VCP). We conduct this process to ensure a high level of accountability for Peace First, make sure that money is going to help the implementation of projects run by young people, and provide additional mentoring to projects receiving grants. As part of this process, we will have a video call with you to help us understand your project better and provide additional mentoring.

To start the VCP, You are required to fill out the following form: shorturl.at/gY056

Please let me know if you have any questions.