GK Peace Keepers against violence

A Peacemaking Project by Jaspar L.

What is the injustice we are solving?

At PS/IS 109 in Brooklyn, we have a problem with bullying. We see that bullying can lead to violence and so we want to stop bullying at our school so we have less violence in our community. - 6th grade Global Kids Peace Keepers

Our Updates:

From Action Plan to Execution

Antoineta M.
24 April 2018 12:13


Adrian B.
24 April 2018 14:25
Awesome! Looking forward to reading it. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Antoineta M.
24 April 2018 12:09
Thank You! Our Peacekeepers were able to do the application.
Adrian B.
20 April 2018 9:41
Hi Antoineta,

Yes, if you go to the project dashboard (https://www.peacefirst.org/projects/gk-peace-keepers-against-violence/dashboard) and then click on apply for a mini-grant (https://www.peacefirst.org/projects/gk-peace-keepers-against-violence/dashboard/mini-grant?project=13190) you should have everything you need! Sorry the website navigation is so confusing. We're working on making it easier to understand!

Antoineta M.
19 April 2018 11:02
Thank you Adrian! I do have one. Our Peacekeepers were trying to look for the link to apply for the grant but we cannot find it. Is there a link that can take us directly there?
Adrian B.
5 April 2018 15:15
Hi Jaspar,

We wanted to let you know that we are extending the deadline for active projects to apply for a Mini-Grant during this Peace First Challenge to April 15th. You can apply for a mini-grant anytime, but meeting the Challenge deadlines will make you eligible for additional opportunities.

If you do not require a mini-grant to complete your project, you can remain eligible by completing your project and Reflection before the May 31st deadline! If you submit your project plan by April 15th, we'll be sure to provide you with feedback by April 21st to support you with carrying out the plan.

If you are still in early stages of planning, you are also welcome to apply for a mini-grant at a later date -- although you may not be eligible for some of our larger opportunities, the opportunity for funding and support is always there.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and if we can help in any way!

Adrian B.
29 March 2018 16:15
This is such an important project! Happy to help however we can. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Antoineta M.
27 March 2018 17:25
Hello Ms. Jan. During school, there are some students who pick on and tease other students all the time. Sometimes people in the class laugh and no one picks up for the person being teased or bullied. We want to change that by being able to say that what they are doing is wrong and we will not get in trouble for speaking against it.

Signed Peacekeeper P and A
Antoineta M.
27 March 2018 12:38
Awesome! Our Peacekeepers will be happy to hear it!
Fish S.
27 March 2018 12:35
Hi Antoineta -- that's completely fine.
Antoineta M.
27 March 2018 11:43
Thank you for this comment Fish, we are now seeing it. With Peacekeepers, we do have 7th graders helping guide and lead discussions with our 6th graders since they were in the Peacekeeping group last school year. With that said, these young people are 13 and are participating in the challenge; will this still be an issue in regards to applying for the grant, being that they are in the same group as the 6th graders?
Jan C.
14 March 2018 13:09
GK All Day, Peacekeepers! I look forward to learning more about how you plan to stop bullying at our school. Was there a specific incident that inspired you to select this injustice?
Ms. Jan
Fish S.
6 March 2018 10:57
Hi Jaspar! Thanks for sharing this project. My name is Fish, and I work with Peace First. We're really excited about the work Global Kids is doing (and this chapter in particular -- peer-led anti-bullying work is so important).

I'd love to connect with you and other Global Kids staff to see how we could support and empower youth-led projects like this across your network. Can we connect? fstark@peacefirst.org.

Regarding this project -- sounds like the young people have identified a serious injustice and want to take action to solve it! I hope you'll check out our toolkits, which can help them create an insight (a theory of change grounded in empathy) and a plan for what they'll do next. You can download them here: https://www.peacefirst.org/resources

I wanted to let you know that we can only directly serve projects led by young people 13-24, so while the team is more than welcome to use our tools, we can't offer a $250 mini-grant. However, we'd be able to offer more intensive support to Global Kids chapters with students in late middle or high school!

Looking forward to hearing more from you, Jaspar.
Jaspar L.
2 March 2018 9:23
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