LGBT Community

A Peacemaking Project by India T.

What is the injustice we are solving?

My project will be about the problems the LGBT community goes through. Also the true meaning of LGBT. How they are judged, How other people look at them, and all the different types of bi's, lesbians, and gays.


Fish S. Peace First Staff
8 December 2017 12:56
Hi India -- thanks for posting this project. This is such important work -- LGBTQ people face so much discrimination and we're really glad you're taking this on.

The first part of designing a great peacemaking project is talking to others -- folks who have experienced the injustice and maybe even folks who are causing it. That will help you think about how to move forward. We have a tool you can use here:

Let us know how we can help!
RaulPF C.
7 December 2017 13:39
Thanks for sharing the first ideas you have for your project. Do you have some initial ideas on how you want to help address this injustice in your school or community?