Measuring the Wellbeing of Women in Northern Uganda

A Peacemaking Project by Georgina C.

What is the injustice we are solving?

This is a joint project between Love Mercy (charity) and Huber Social (Impact measurement start up) to measure the wellbeing of women in Nothern Uganda to be able to identify their needs and put them in the best position to succeed. Love Mercy The women and communities of Northern Uganda have survived civil war and devastation of their livelihoods. Love Mercy’s mission is to empower the communities of Northern Uganda. Their operations focus on delivering seeds on loan to women; ‘Cents for Seeds’ programs with supporting agricultural workshops and financial literacy capability building. The female farmers, many of whom have 5 or more children, have started their own businesses after receiving a loan as part of Cents for Seeds a micro loan agriculture program that has created 12,000 female entrepreneurs across Uganda since 2010. Love Mercy and Huber Social have teamed up to prove the impact of Love Mercy with data and solid mapping to make sure resources are directed to have the greatest impact, and to be able to secure fudning to do more. The longitudinal study has completed its pilot phase, and aims to measure women’s wellbeing before they receive a seed loan, after they’ve planted their seeds, and once they have harvested their crops. The women will mark a sliding scale survey responding to statements such as, ‘I feel happy with my life’, ‘my physical health is good’, ‘I am satisfied with my living conditions’, ‘I feel hope for the future’, ‘I can provide for my family’, ‘I am proud of who I am’ and ‘my voice is heard about important issues’. Cents for Seeds targets women because when women are happy and healthy, the ripple effect on communities is profound. Huber Social measures wellbeing because we are taking a stand that it is the goal for everyone, no matter where they find themselves in life. Women in Northern Uganda have basic human survivability requirements, as well as emotional and wellness needs. It takes a holistic approach to measurement to identify what matters for a person to achieve wellbeing across all factors; physiological, emotional and social. We are relying on donations and partners to help fund the completion of this project.


Fish S. Peace First Staff
8 December 2017 12:07

Hi there! Sounds like an exciting project -- those are important things you're measuring. Are young people involved in leading the project?  

RaulPF C.
7 December 2017 15:24

Welcome to the community, Georgina! Is this a youth-led project? Do you have some ideas on where you want to take your project next?