Smart care tech

A Peacemaking Project by Abdalbasit A.

What is the injustice we are solving?

visits web : Introduction: the human being is considered to be the center of appreciation and attention, this because of the vast mental abilities and critical thinking that has. As it being said, the challenges are the essential element of the innovation, which on the other hand, lead us to face the technological problems of our today’s world. Nowadays, if we take a look around, we see that the technology had involved into each aspect of our life, and this had led us to have different responds to the way of how our daily life runs. An insightful argument will tell us that the innovations have vital role and advanced strategic position for the future generations. Under the microscope of this new world we see the innovations also have a commanding role, that rather give a notice for every nation to hold on these tools and pursue the way for the future. Our ideas are to support the youth and inventor those shaded with the lack of opportunities and fall into the pressure of the high cost they should pay to have their ideas see the light. There are plenty of smart, innovative and creative works in Africa and Sudan , done by distinguish inventors, but for some reasons, there were trapped in a sort of closed circle that hard for them to unlash. We aim to reach those inventors and give them the way, the guide and the courage, so they can help developing their community and do something for the humanity. We do support the unlimited thinking, the think that pour into probing the problems of every day, that touch the bottom of suffer and need. We believe that every human has the ability to create, innovate and make a good purpose of his existence. We believe that, the spirit of seeing the human dignity as unique value should be a high priority for everyone. The program outline: The initiative is a sort of scientific nest, mainly seeking to encourage those with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship spirit, the program will host these ideas and provide the qualities and quantitive help that is needed, and this will be associated with partnerships across whole the spectrum of the scientific researches institutions, nationally and internationally. We aim in the program to use the fruits of the products to stand for the technological challenges, where ever these challenges span ,and whether they are industrial or non-industrial. The program will be focus on providing the laboratorial environment for the entrepreneurs, with the initial privilege of priority for the projects that have electronic, IT, environmental, in addition to the industrial aspects. Goals & targets: 1. Encouraging the young minds for the invention and entrepreneurship. 2. Providing the suitable environment for those whom having advance ideas and active soul. 3. Participating to support the industrial sector with smart and inventive ideas. 4. Create a network of partnerships that seeking for the usefulness of scientific research. 5. Training of youth, women and children in the field of modern technology and advanced scientific research 6- Create job opportunities and scholarships for young people and inventors The stages of the plan: Stage one: This is the initial glam of the project, and it will include the declaration the program, in addition to, following the legal procedure. This stage will also focus on make the necessary connections for ting in the partnerships. Stage two: This stage will be starting after the completion of the first stage, include setting up the arrangements for constructing the lab and its facilities. Stage three: This will trigger the start of the project especially the lab, this stage will continue and steady promoted with the time. Important points: • The scientific nest acts as a network body to connect those entrepreneurs with the scientific institutions, at the same time there will be a private center for the program. • There will be a consultant committee, the committee will constitute of expertise and high profile personals. • The base of the program stands on constructing the complex of the labs, with initial technical abilities. • Initially the lab’s activates will host the projects that don’t need for high instrumental capabilities and rather don’t take big space. • The priority of the running projects will be directed toward the electronics, IT projects and medical. The partnerships: The core point of the program is built up on creating this network of partnerships, to bridge-over and ease the mutual benefits, moreover the intention will relatively lay on looking for the industrial challenges and probe into them. There are several suggestions for these partnerships: 1. The center of research and industrial consultancies-Sudan. 2. University of Bhang- Malaysia - Malaysia 3. NEF organization science- south Africa 4. TISIAS- Canada The field of the scientific projects: The scope of the fields span on wide range of scientific patterns of researches and topics, meanwhile the criteria of the topics should be coherent, unique and critical. The following is the mean field that will be highly considered: Science: Material science and nanotechnology, physics of electronics, chemistry, and biology& biotechnology. Engineering: Computer design and programming, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Headlines about the lab and its function: • The main objective of the lab is to provide the suitable environment for the entrepreneurs, to take their ideas a step up, therefore the true theme of the program will be tied around giving the teams the free well of thinking and inventing. • There will be symbolic fees for the membership of the participants in the program, to make sure of their seriousness, but in the same time some exceptional cases will be over looked. • A plan map will be setup for the projects of the entire year, but this wouldn’t close the door on accepting the ideas that pouring along the year. • The lab complex will be a melting pot of collaboration for whole the individual inventors or groups. • There will be a panel of supervisors for the projects within the lab. • The workshops and training lectures will be a regular program for the project participants and also open to the public. • The channel of relation between the inventors and the program will lay on respect the intellectual rights for the products of the inventions; as well the program will seek to find the right partners for the inventions. In the case of the successful products the program will take 20% of the incomes, this to be poured into other projects. This financial profit makes donations to my poor young people, women and children Initial plan for the lab facilities: 1. Discussions hall. 2. Lectures hall+ forum. 3. Inventions complex (a complex with suitable size, divided into sections for the working groups). 4. Tools store. Conclusion: The idea is considered to be highly ambitious work, seeking to integrate the brightest, and the most active minds to do real revolution into the society, we looking for to span our activists to cover whole the possible national and international collaborations. The manuscript prepared by: 1. Mr. Abdalbasit Ibrahim Adam inventor -chairman . Leaders of smart care tech 2- Mohammed Kamal Hadi - Mangere Ms ; Ekhlas Ahmed - General Manager and Partner Mr Rashed Ibrahim

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of To solve this injustice of Is an innovative incubator and incubator (Smart Care Tech) investing innovative projects to provide jobs for young people And connect the institution with organizations and research centers and universities around the world for
we will address Khartoum , Sudan , Emarts street 7
by Smart care tech Current projects  Wahid startups lab for invention This project aims to support the innovative ideas the come from smart minds,


Adrian B.
28 March 2018 18:44
Hi Abdalbasit,

We're excited to hear more about your ideas to address this important injustice! I wanted to let you know about an opportunity -- if you are interested in getting some funding for materials that you need to carry out your project, you can apply for mini-grant of up to $250.

The deadline to submit your Project Plan and Mini-Grant Application is March 31st if you want to remain eligible to apply to attend a Peace First Accelerator.

As you craft your plan, be sure to consider the feedback we gave you on your compassionate insight, and check out our project planning tools for help turning your insight into a concrete action plan:

Then, through your dashboard you can make any changes you want to make to your "compassionate insight," record your plan in "Make a plan" and then "Apply for a mini-grant" for the materials you need.

Let us know if you have questions. We're looking forward to supporting your project!

Amani A.
2 March 2018 22:33
شكرًا على المشاركه، نحن على درايه بخصوص الانترنت واللغة في هذه الدول. تحياتنا
Amani A.
26 February 2018 16:50
Thanks for posting your project, Abdalbasit!

As part of the process of completing peacemaking projects, Peace First staff give formal feedback on important steps of your project. One of those steps is the compassionate insight.

I enjoyed reading your project and learning about what are you trying to solve in your community! My understanding is the issue that you are trying to solve is the lack of opportunities for inventors to highlight their ideas in Sudan, right? An important step in creating the project is understanding the root causes of the issue by answering key questions e.g. why is it important to address this issue? who does this injustice affect? What kind of effects created by this issue? and who causes this injustice?

Answering these questions can happen by talking to other people in your community! It would be great to talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice.
Also, it would be great to try to make your insight as clear as you can! Thus, we would encourage everyone who is at this stage of their project to work towards deepening their understanding of the injustice they're focusing on. What are the main root causes of the injustice in your community? Please, use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

Please make sure to consider these feedback! Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we are looking forward to your next steps of the project!
Abdalbasit A.
24 February 2018 9:28
لا شكر على الواجب عزيزي
فنحن نعمل من اجل الانسانية و حماية كوكبنا من الخطر ,
لقد ارسلت دعوات لعدد من الشباب من دول السودان و اثيوبيا و ارتريا و اثيوبيا و الصومال ,
و لكن اريد ان اقول لكي يوجد مشكلة في هذا البلدان
عدم توفير خدمة الانترنت و المجانية ,ايضا عدم امتلاك الشباب الاجهزة الحاسوب و الموبايلات الذكية ,
لذا عليكم تنتظرو خليلا لكي يتواصلو معكم قربيا ان شاءالله -
شكرا لكل ايضا على محادثة باللغة العربية فهذا يسهل فهم الشباب بلدي لان معظمهم لا يعرفون اللغة انجليزي
Amani A.
23 February 2018 11:01
Welcome to Peace First, Sufian! Do you have an injustice that you would like to solve? where are you from?

Please let us know how can we help you.
Amani A.
23 February 2018 11:00
اهلًا رضوان، كم عمرك؟ هل لديك مشروع تريد مشاركته معنا؟
من اي بلد انت؟
Amani A.
23 February 2018 10:58
شكرًا عبد الباسط على دعوة المزيد من الشباب للانضمام لمنصة السلام اولا :)
Abdalbasit A.
22 February 2018 15:58
مرحبا رضوان في منصة السلام اولا و اتمنى ان تستفيد من هذا المنصة
Abdalbasit A.
22 February 2018 15:57
hi Mr Sufian
you welcome for the peace first

sufian f.
22 February 2018 4:15
Hi Smart Care Tech Thank you for spreading culture and peace
Sufian Fawzi
Web designer
Rdowan I.
22 February 2018 3:52
مرحبا عبد الباسط
شكرا على دعوتكم لنا لهذا المنصه التى تهدف الى نشر ثقافة السلام و الذي نحن اشد عليه في بلاداننا شرق افريقيا و خاصه دول اثيوبيا ,جنوب السودان, السودان و اريتريا
و نحن نتطلع بان نعمل معا كفريق عمل
Abdalbasit A.
10 January 2018 0:43
Hello dear Mss Amani yes I have received your email and replied to you also
Thank you for your interest
Amani A.
9 January 2018 12:36
Thanks for sharing, Abdalbasit! I have sent you an email, please.
Abdalbasit A.
9 January 2018 0:18
thanks you Ms Amani For your interest in the project and we are very pleased with you and hope to visit soon if you have time
The age of the team is 10 months and we have been under the foundation of some things we have not completed some? The beneficiaries of this project are all students, researchers, inventors, academics and the poor
 Because we provide them with assistance from the proceeds of the project, especially women, children, youth, displaced persons, refugees, displaced persons, homeless people, etc. During the work we provide guidance to young people on the importance of peace

The number of beneficiaries now in Sudan is 700 people
Project headquarters now in Sudan We are targeting Africa and all countries of the third world. We have already contacted the countries of Ethiopia and South Sudan and to work together for the lack of resources as a starting point to East Africa, including Africa and the Third World
 We also have a second reason why we believe in the importance of partnership between these countries. We believe that working together, we can spread the culture of peace and love between the peoples of these countries and indeed a step that has been successful.
Amani A.
8 January 2018 14:11
Thanks for sharing Abdalbasit! What's the age of your team and who are the beneficiaries of this project?
Abdalbasit A.
5 January 2018 17:48

Welcome dear
I am a board chairman and with us a team of 6 individuals To implement the project There are signs of help
1. Linking with institutions, universities, businessmen, factories and companies interested in innovation, inventions and scientific research.
The reason we need to develop some innovations outside of our country and Africa.
2 - Providing us with the equipment and materials that we need in the project labs such as electronic material, chemical ... etc, which are used in the laboratory and computer equipment
We hope to visit the project my country
If you want more you can contact me via this mail
te Whatsapp number : +249911984784
thanks you

Amani A.
5 January 2018 17:09
Welcome to Peace First community, Abdalbasit! Thanks for sharing the project with details. Who will be leading the implementation of the project? Please let us know how can we help.