Smoke-Free School

A Peacemaking Project by robert g.

What is the injustice we are solving?

. PROJECT TITLE: Smoke-free School (Injustice, Drug and Substance abuse) Location: New Life In Christ High Schoo Duration: Three Months (February-April 2018) Target Audience: 0ne hundred Young People Idea: Create awareness teen drug abuse in school Objective: To reduce teen drug and substance abuse Creating the Injustice (Project development) How to address the Injustice (the approaches, activities and action taken) Acting on that Plan (implementation of the planed action) Reflecting on their journey (Report, M/E) Teen Drug and Substance Abuse is a serious problem in Liberia, especially in Paynesville City. The city has many ghetto and hotpots where young people go daily to smoke. Drug addiction is taking over our city and even reaching schools. The causes of teen drug abuse is peer pressure and wrongful marketing by suppliers. This bad habits continue to spoil young people by make them drug addict, mentally illness and death. This problem can be solve by public outreach highlighting the danger of smoking in schools and posting smoke-free signs. To help reduce teenage smoking, James Kollie and his friends want to intervene by implementing the smoke-free school project in New Life In Christ and is seeking financial and technical supports from Peace First via mini grant application.