Thuita Village Libraries

A Peacemaking Project by William K. and Noah P.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Our project is building libraries for kids in Kenya. We aim to provide access to early reading books to give underprivileged kids a chance for a better future. There are many used books in America that can help others in different parts of the world. By not having early reading books, kids in these communities never develop proper learning skills needed to achieve higher education. We set an initiative to build libraries in Kenya by collecting used books, raising funds to ship and building shelves for the schools in Thuita Village. So far, we have one library that is fully functional and students have been able to benefit from it. We wish to continue this and build many more libraries for the children.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of illiteracy in underdeveloped communities
we will address The illiteracy problem that is caused by poverty and lack of resources to provide books and organized libraries
by Providing resources to build libraries

Our Project Plan:


  • Our goal is to help build libraries in Thuita Village to reduce illiteracy. We target to provide reading materials for less fortunate students in Thuita Village in Kenya

We will increase my / our compassion by...

Gathering and shipping books, and working with Kenyan local communities to build libraries while also trying to fundraise to support the process. We will also ensure that children are reading and learning through borrowing of books.

How will you show courage?

We are showing courage through our compassionate project to provide reading to needy kids in Kenya. We are able to provide a very big opportunity for children in Kenya.

How will you collaborate with others?

Our group gets together to discuss a plan on how we can make the project better. We also have other contacts here and in Kenya that have helped us get to where we are. As we contact with donors and volunteers we have been able to create a contact list. Through this collaboration we have been able to fund raise, gather books and build one functional library to date. We already have a demonstrable collaboration process for our project. We’ve also been in touch with a non profit organization and local libraries

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

We can assess our impact by seeing if more and more kids are reading. We have been able to gather books and put them on shelves. The schools also give us feedback on what teachers think of the library and what student think. In the future we will be able to assess ourselves on how many schools we’ve built and number of books in each school

Key Steps

  • Fund raising Collect and ship books Establish library contact Transport books to school Count and catalog books Build shelves Shelf the books Define borrowing system Open library for borrowing Maintenance and book security


How did the project deepen your team's understanding of the injustice?

We able to understand the other children around the world may not have the same opportunities that American children have for reading

How did your community change as a result of your project?

Student in Thuita Village are happy because they now have books to read and an extra place where they can get help

How many people were impacted by your project?


In addition to those directly impacted, are there additional people you feel were indirectly indirectly impacted or reached? If so, how many? (This might include people who read about your project, families of people that attended your workshops or received services, etc.)

We have helped 3 school, one school has 640, the second has 250 and the third has 350. So I added those numbers together to get my total

How did your team learn more about the people affected by the injustice?

Most students didn't have high reading skills and they never had access to books. We learned this by getting feedback from the each school's Headmaster(principal)

What did your team learn?

We learned how to manage a project and injustices that kids in Kenya face everyday

What challenges did your team overcome?

Communication from here and in Kenya has been tough due to the time difference and poor connection in Kenya.

How have you involved others in designing, carrying out, or expanding this project?

We work everyday with the Headmasters of each school. They tell us what they need and we try and provide for them. I have also worked with family and friends here in the U.S.A.

What advice would you give to someone starting a peacemaking project?

Advice I would give is to set mini goals for yourself and once you reach those goal celebrate and reward yourself

Our Updates:

Thuita Village Library Project

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Andrea C.
19 March 2019 13:26
Hi William,

Thanks so much for creating change in your community and for submitting your Plan. Every time you send new information you are closer to complete your peacemaking journey!

I am commenting here to let you know that I will be reviewing your Plan by Monday, March 25. Please check your dashboard by this date to read the feedback and address my comments. It is possible that you receive feedback before Monday, if so, you should receive an email notification.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Mojisola O.
11 July 2019 10:21
Hi William,
I checked out your project and I am so amazed! Thank you for doing your bit to end illiteracy in underdeveloped communities. Well done.

My name is Mojisola, Peace First digital mentor and I sincerely congratulates you and your team for the good job.

Keep the fire burning and keep overcoming