Youth Engagement For Camhs crisis

A Peacemaking Project by morgan s.

What is the injustice we are solving?

CAMHS Crisis mental health services for young people and adults


Jenna G. Peace First Staff
12 November 2018 21:56
Hi Morgan!

Thank you for posting this project! It is awesome that you want to help young people and adults get the help they need. No one should have to face such traumatic experiences and be unable to get support. I would love for you to tell me more about this injustice and why you chose it. What do you think you want to do to help? How does it look in your community? I’m excited that you found Peace First and are starting a project that hits on the exact same ideas that our team has for its youth users! I’m glad that you are taking action against it!

As you’re working through the questions in the Understand phase of your project, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come up! And you can check out the Peacemaking Tools for a full set of resources:

Here are a few awesome projects on our platform that focus on mental health. I encourage you to check them out and comment on the ones that resonate for you--start a conversation and share ideas!

Resources/Articles discussing Mental Health Support:

I encourage you to interview members of the community that are being affected by a lack of mental health resources. What support did they have access to? How can we provide support? What should be done to combat this? What resources do they need? What kinds of programs currently exist?

I hope that these resources are useful! This work is so important--Thank you for what you're doing! Let me know if you have any questions or need support in thinking about your next steps. :) I'm excited to support you however possible, and to watch this project grow!

18 June 2019 17:37
Hi Morgan S.

Welcome to the Peace First community! It’s great to see that you care about your community and want to make a difference. My name is ROBENSON and I’m a Peace First mentor. I see that your project focuses on Youth Engagement For Camhs crisis. The long term effects., and I have some experience doing that in my community! If you have questions about building curricula, or about my work, I’d be happy to help!

I’m sure you’ll achieve great things with your project, and I love that you’re focusing on Youth Engagement For Camhs crisis; The long term effects and helping them understand their rights.

Let me know if you want guidance along the way!