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Amani A.

March 06, 2018

Thanks for sharing your project, Mohamed! This sounds an interesting and big project! I will ask you few questions to guide you through your project implementation; Why it's important to create awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in your community? What's the injustice that you are trying to solve through this project?
What's the target number of the young people who will benefit from this project?, and what're their ages?

I noticed that you have already come up with the solutions; the training/capacity building and the online platform.

It would be great to write your compassionate insight and try to make it as clear as you can, so that other Peace First members would understand it better! You can use the compassionate tool here:

Please make sure to use our resources while working on your project here:

Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we look forward to your next steps of the project!

Please let us know if you need any help with this!