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Fish S.

March 06, 2018

Hi Diana! I agree with all that Raul has said -- just wanted to hop in and say I'm really excited about the work you're doing, and I have some experience designing peer-to-peer programs -- let me know if I can be helpful! :)
RaulPF C.

March 06, 2018

Hi Diana!
Thanks so much for posting this project. I love what you are working on. I am really passionate about using data and about helping others see the power of using data in ways that can support their work.

As part of the Peace First project-making process, we give formal feedback on your compassionate insight. Once your insight is all set, then you can move forward with your mini-grant application if you need funds to help move your idea into action!

I want to give you feedback on your insight:
"To solve this injustice of
low numbers of underrepresented minority students and women in data science and research
we will address
the lack of spaces provided to underrepresented minority students and women on research
teaching a quantitative and qualitative research methods course where students can have support and validation in developing their own research projects"

I think your insight is really strong. You really show that you want to address a very specific root cause of the injustice that you have identified and you have a clear idea of the solution you want to use to address this injustice.

I would love to learn more about what stage your project is at and what areas are you hoping to get the most support with. If you haven't, maybe have a look at our toolkit to give you ideas to share your plan like including SMART Goals, identifying indicators and steps to follow and other areas that may help you make your project even stronger. You can find it at

I look forward to hearing more!