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Fish S.

March 06, 2018

Hi Haley! Awesome project. Thank you for posting it!!

I think you're hitting on a lot of important things -- menstrual hygiene products often aren't affordable for many folks who need them. Especially given the health risks for folks who don't have the menstrual hygiene products they need, these are serious injustices! Sounds like you've done a lot of thinking about this -- we love to see it!

One quick note - something to keep in mind throughout your project is that not all women get periods, and not all people who get periods are women (some nonbinary folks, for instance). While we tend to think of menstrual health as a women's issue, it's more than that -- and thinking about the language you use will help sure you are making everyone you are trying to help feel included & welcome. Here are some resources to get you thinking about this more!

I'm really excited about what you'll come up with to solve this problem. Do you have any ideas for how you want to move forward yet?

Here's another thing I'd encourage you to do: Have some conversations, if you haven't already, with some folks affected by this injustice -- I think it'll help you when you think about your next steps!

The next step is to share your Compassionate Insight -- your thoughts on the injustice and your big idea for making change -- with us by Feb 28th. You can do that on your project dashboard. From what you've shared with us, sounds like you're almost there.

Thanks for doing this awesome work! Are there any ways we can help?
Haley F.

March 15, 2018

Hi Fish! Thank you so much for that feedback! It is definately something I will remember to keep in mind moving forward!

I did have a question about how I would respectfully go about addressing and making sure that everyone is included that needs to be in this conversation. Have any ideas?

Fish S.

March 16, 2018

Hi Haley -- these are the right questions to be asking! You are definitely on the right track :)

I would start by speaking to homeless people who menstruate, and folks that work with homeless people. If you know any people or organizations that work specifically on menstrual product access, they'd be good to speak with as well! These folks will give you a good sense of what the root issues are and how you can be helpful. Does that sound good?

Is there anything else we can help with? :)