How do I start with this idea?

I am wanting to start an empowerment club at my school focusing on gender equality and social stigmas. How exactly do I plan for a first meeting?
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Submitted by Fish S. on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 10:25


Yesss! Anna, love this idea.

Do you have a small team of people who are ready to form the club? If so -- take a moment to talk to them about what they'd like to get out of the meeting. Meetings always run best when everyone has a stake and feels like their ideas are on the table.

For a first meeting, it's great to do a few things.

Introductions: Unless everyone in the group already knows each other, have everyone introduce themselves and share why they're here.

Establish a common purpose: Take a few minutes to let people know the vision for the club, why these issues are important, and the change you want to make.

Planning together: Take some time to gather everyone's ideas about what steps the club should take next. One of our favorite tools at Peace First is a "Gallery Walk," a silent brainstorm where we post sheets of flipchart paper around the room with questions on them, and people go around and write their responses. For you, those questions could look like "What are some misconceptions we want to solve?" or "What are specific actions we can take to promote gender equality in our school?" Whatever method you choose, take time to give everyone an opportunity to share what THEY want to work on, in a way that yields concrete strategies.

Make sure to end the meeting with an appreciation, and perhaps take some time to do a closing reflection where folks can share what they are excited for.

Just some thoughts. How does that sound?